The importance of wellness for economics

This article speaks of the importance of stress management and wellness for statistics and economical previsions. Translation into English will be available upon request. The article is under narrative form. *** Perchè gli economisti sbagliano le previsioni  Una delle cose più difficili da prevedere, a parte il clima ed i disastri naturali, è il comportamento … More The importance of wellness for economics

About Grapes juice

Nutrition for wellness is based on the right choices in the right moment. Many people have difficulties to manage wine, as they look for the psychological effects and taste pleasure, but then have difficulties to manage side effects. This article speaks of my findings on the fresh juice of white grapes, used in place of … More About Grapes juice

About cardio training

Running is not necessary to keep heart trained and engaged, but it is always an easy way to do it and an important comparison to other cardio  activities. As a trainer, I can confirm my running standards stayed the same without running, but doing other cardio activities such as spinning and rope jumping. Running is … More About cardio training

Money and wellness

Wellness needs money. Living in a lucky land with a good climate is not enough. For this reason, many people from Brazil and other beautiful countries emigrate anywhere, despite coming from a land with a nice weather and rich of fruits. The land is not enough. They are ready to face bad weather even fog … More Money and wellness

About sweeteners

Researches on sweeteners are still on going. The only sureness is that sweeteners impact on belly bioma and bacteria, therefore they can easily generate air. Bacteria impact on food absorption and energy creation. I found my strategy through many tests. To avoid digestive problems and air in the belly. I have to take different behaviors. … More About sweeteners

Planning eating

 In English upon request, this post speaks of my views on nutrition as originated from a dinner with five hundred kg of red meat, seeds, ginger, potatoes, baobab and alagae. Riflessioni a cena Stasera ho mangiato circa ottocento calorie di cui circa seicento di carne. Sto benissimo e, da sportiva, mi sento felice. Ho mangiato quattro … More Planning eating

A practical classification of food

After many tests, I came to the conclusion that food should be divided into functional categories to be combined with awareness: 1) energizing with mass gaining, 2) energizing without mass gaining, 3) antioxidant and energizing (increasing blood pressure), 4) antioxidant/detoxing and stress releasing (decreasing blood pressure), 5) muscles maintaining and building, 6) cardio maintenance, 7) … More A practical classification of food