Away to Wellness

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. Desire is not enough, you have to take action.


Benessere è di più che salute. La via verso il benessere riparte dal corpo, base energetica della mente e tempio della nostra anima.

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First publication, October 10, 2017

Last update, June 12, 2018

Thank you for your purchase! Download for here the new edition of the book, full of recipes and do not hesitate to contact me for further explanations!

The June version is on its way, full of tips on fashion. The first 100 people buying the version of May will receive the next updates!

I decided to anticipate the publishing as I need to finance further development!


Contemporary strategies to enhance your life: nutrition, sport, fashion, seduction, economy.


ATW International, May2018


ENG: Thank you for being here.

My book is currently available only in Italian, but I will soon provide it in English. If you want to be informed when it will be available, please send an email to:

For any urgency, I could provide you a quick translation of specific part of it. As of now, you are free to download the PDF Italian version. It is FREE.

Hereunder I will insert the link to a symbolic payment at your choice, to allow me to fund my project. I am conducting researches on Yoga practiced in Enhanced way to combine muscle empowerment, flexibility and therapeutic goals. See my video: TheBodyWay


Book and Wellness Project

Saggio romanzato di duecento pagine in formato PDF contenente consigli di benessere in cinque aree tematiche: alimentazione, attività fisica, relazioni interpersonali, aspetti finanziari, sessualità. Il testo si rivolge a chiunque, fra i 30 ed i 60 anni circa, che avendo già esperienza di diete, attività fisica, mondo del lavoro, relazioni interpersonali sia professionali che sentimentali, stia spunti di riflessione o stimoli esperienza. Formato Cartaceo per ordini superiori ai 100 euro. Per donazioni superiori alla cifra suggerita, basta cliccare su più numeri o pagare con paypal ad:


Final statement to close the issue:

I guess in many countries, at least in Italy, escorting service needs to be renewed and redefined, as it is seen as a merely sexual job, which is not, as sexuality is a very wide area of human experience and can be lived with many nuances.

Italian edition, dated December 2017, EBOOK_AwaytoWellness