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Time is precious and leads our lives.  Day are made of only twenty-four hours and when we have to decide how to manage the few that are left over after we finish working, the choice is hard, because life rewards those lifestyles that demonstrate constancy in pursuing goals over time, therefore in performing those small gestures which, added together over time, lead to evident and tangible results.  We then return to the mamangement of the twenty-four hours.

In order to have a satisfying body, constant activity is required.  How often should we train?  Which workout should we choose? To have good working performance it is necessary to keep up to date, always be punctual and attentive.  How much time should we spend on training?  How much on work overtime?  How much on listening to a colleague?

The mind also needs nourishment, good information, through the reading of newspapers and books, through valid television programs.  Again, we need more time and are called to make choices: what to read and how much to read every day?  What to watch?

Finally there is also the soul.  The soul needs good relations with others every day – family, colleagues, other social relationships -, good intentions, good actions, results achieved, to express oneself in a passion (painting, writing, cooking  , do-it-yourself, sport, music).  To whom to devote time?  How much time?  A meeting with a friend, attention to family members, sometimes buying a birthday present becomes almost an impossible mission.  Sometimes, even shopping, reading the labels, can become challenging.  We always go back to twenty four hours.

As if all this were not enough, aging begins to take over as the years go by: performance drops naturally, the first wrinkles appear on the face, we need to sleep a few hours more, we become less available to  do crazy things.  There are those who solve problems with cosmetic surgery and there are those who want to try the natural way.  Then also the exercise of the facial muscles begins, which are more than fifty, little used.  By making a calculation of how long an average individual should devote per day to body care, one is somewhat dumbfounded.  Half an hour of exercises or a yoga mat for the back, the lower and upper body, half an hour of walking or twenty minutes of running, ten minutes of exercises and face massage.  When?  Getting up an hour earlier in the morning would be ideal, but also tiring.  Not everyone lives alone and in the morning many have to prepare breakfast for the family.  Not everyone can or is willing to run near the house and a subscription to a sports center is required.

 There are those who do everything together in an hour and a half of gym / swimming three times a week, also taking advantage of the sauna and the wellness area.

Finding an hour of time during the day for our body is truly an act of respect and self-love.  Choosing which advice to listen to, which activity to do, which exercises to entrust the expectations of our well-being becomes discriminating. This blog aims to share advices on wellness issues. 



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