Wellness around you

Wellness is more than being healthy. Wellness is more than being fit and beautiful.

When you reach wellness you understand it because the world around you becomes beautiful despite daily life difficulties, as you have reached a point where you can understand who is taking advantage of you and who is contributing to your self improvement.

You start seeing things clearly. Your performances are enhanced in all directions: reasoning, emotions, body. Wellness is the result of a balance between body and mind that changes your life. You can not reach it avoiding some sufferings, as you have to learn from everything.

You understand when you reach it, as you become available to new perspective and do not accept any more compromising with people or values or affairs you have been dealing in the past, when you were not “aware” of your Self.

My contribution to wellness is educations and knowledge. I have always been spreading findings, solutions, analysis, ideas for the creation of a “premium network”. No matter if have been an idealist and stolen even my dignity in the past: I learnt that you have to educate or help only those really wanting and making treasure, not betrayals or competitors in disguise.

Oriental philosophy is based on the “Illusion of the Self”, I would rather go for an “EnhancedSelf” able to help first yourself, then, if expressly requested, others, without illusion.

Support the rising of RunWild.


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