Nutrition strategy: Crepes

Life is long. Do not waste it stressing to account calories.

After having tried the calories approach to diet, you need to understand the chemistry. Only understanding the chemistry behind and beyond food combination you can afford a healthy life, compatible with your environment and personal goals.

The French crêpes represent the most easy and safe way out recipe you can count on when you  are on a diet for muscle strengthening purposes.

First of all, once you know the basic recipe, you  can adapt it to any need. When I say any, I really want to say any, except for real ortodox vegan.

In the basic recipe you have:

  • egg (please add white or replace completely with white);
  • flour (please replace with rice and oatmeal gluten-free flour);
  • milk (keep it or replace with veg milk according to your needs and beliefs);
  • butter (you can replace it or keep it as it is only for the cooking, not for the pastry, so a limited quantity).

So easy that you take more time to write it than to do it. You mix everything so to obtain a kind of dense fluid, then you cook on the warm pan that you have made receivable with a nut of butter. Then you simply put the mix on the pan  and look at its cooking in no more than five minutes.  You turn it on the back and put inside the complementary fruit, chocolate, seeds or vegetables and salads you have in your mind. Then you fold it up so to obtain a kind of two level sandwich, then it is ready.

It is completely up to you to decide how to combine ingredients inside or in it. Basically it’s like a protein bread.

You simply have to know the ingredients you will add and mix. For example you have to know that white eggs cooks differently if combined with milk or flours. White egg, the pure protein part of egg, can be put generously and to cook it you’d better cover the pan. If you add vegan protein, as they are made of vegetables, you can avoid normal flower, they will mix very well, creating a cream, but you have to put them in proportion of: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, 50 gr veg protein, milk. Veg proteins do not bind as normal flour. You have to know that cocoa must be over 70% dark, no milk chocolate. You have to know almonds, nuts and hazelnuts are great for muscles, brain and heart and they need really a small quantity of sugar, that you can take from fruits or coconut. Sugar from coconut is lower in glicemic impact and higher in protein. You have to take proteins from everywhere and mix them in the right way, integrated by a small quantity of other ingredients. When you really want to work only on protein, then go with integrators. In all other cases, you can find the natural and tasty protein way, such as crepes.

You can try, after the first time, you will understand.

The base can be added with sweetener or salt and herbs, depending on how you want to eat it. In the first case you can add for example cocoa powder, which is extremely healthy, sugar at your own choice. In the second case you can add mais flour, rosemary, then, after cooking, fill it with salmon and herbs, ham and avocado cream o protein cheese. Up to you. You only need to understand the chemistry.

Calories are under control: it is all noble protein, plus gluten free flower, eventual vegetables or fruit.

Hereunder the last one I did with vegan proteins based on peas, rice, and other proteins from vegetables.

Protein from whey and casein are better for cold desserts.


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