Nutrition Strategy n.8: against hunger, GoNuts!

When in doubt about what to eat, just go nuts and choose the healthy proteic way to nurture your body enhanced with minerals, vitamins and healthy oils. Yes, I know, many specialists say they are full of calories, but believe me, those are the good ones! You have to distinguish the quality of calories. Moreover, if you follow my variant on traditional recipe, you will eliminate a lot of unuseful calories.

For Christmas, I just took the inspiration from the traditional Italian “Panforte”, a cake rooting in the Middle Age based mainly on nuts and fruits, to propose you the proteic quick variation for sports!

Please, refer to the basic recipe of “crêpes” that I already explained in my Strategy n.7 and make the following variation:

  • Only oat flower naturally sweetened upon needs with coconut sugar, stevia;
  • Only egg white, no need of milk;
  • Nuts and dehydrated fruits, better if cranberry, goji, alchekenji, aranuia, blueberry;
  • Others seed from chia.

Just prepare the crepes as per traditional recipe and add coconut sugar or agave or “acero”.

It is healthy and proteic for your needs! …and tasty!


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