Happiness strategy n. 1. : understanding you are a recipe

The way to wellness leads to happiness.

As soon as you will have found your way to Wellness, you will shortly have access to your deep expectations and happiness. It is always a matter of “chemistry” and “physics”, but the great news is that you do not need an academic title to understand it, as, paradoxically, explained by Max Tegmark, a great mentor in Cambridge in a conference on TED events.

“Patterns” means the way things are arranged.

As simple that any great grandmother can teach it to nephews without having any degree, but needing a serious physical explanation by Cambridge physician, Mark (and related surname that I will check shortly).

I have always been obsessed by arrangement of primary ingredients, for instance as a painter, when I spent years melting primary oil colours on canvas to get endless nuances.

Then by cooking, trying always new combinations of basic ingredients, to find out what is most suitable for my body in a certain situation.

Then, fashion too is a matter of creativity on arrangement of primary elements, from accessorizes to main clothes and simple tissues.

Interior design is based on pattern.

Since when I practice yoga I am experiencing a different way of organizing my body patterns. Twisting my body and turning up and down has the power to reorganize my cells and to make me feel different or see things differently. This is why I felt enlightened when hearing a physician of Cambridge saying that “Consciousness is a mathematical pattern” that relates on “how information feels”. Yes, this is consciousness, definitely.

The great news about this, is that this is the key to happiness. It is a very democratic principle that governs our feeling of happiness, because happiness is a feeling. Happiness has nothing objective. Happiness is completely relative and subjective. You can have nothing, but feel happy. You may be ill, but feel happy. Why? Because it is “the way you feel your patterns”, because the way your things are organized give fulfillment to your soul and your neurons make you feel this sensation of happiness.

The great thing is that you do not need a high QI to understand chemistry of physics to feel happy. The great news is that happiness is at disposal of anybody, because it lays and hides and arise from the way you organize the patterns that you have at disposal. A good organization of patterns, such as flour, eggs, water, butter can lead you to create a wonderful cake with a wonderful taste. So, thank you to contemporary physician we can go back to say thank you to our grandmothers or to who anybody taught us how to appreciate and become able to arrange the things we have to get an art of work of our daily life. If any ingredient for the cake is missing, consciousness, will lead us to understand where to find the missing ingredient and anybody wanting to be happy will stop to desire the missing ingredient, rather will take action to find it, to add it to the others for a wonderful cake.

This is why many contemporary scientists look for “ancient wisdom” and why many practices in our lives are a mantra, a ritual, a repeated action. Through repetition comes the magic, as through repetitions we can feel the value of each single part and understand how to combine it with others, through patterns.

This is a principle of success in any field of life. The bas news is that you can not understand how to combine basic elements into a great pattern for happiness, without experience and practice, study and effort. Understanding is partially given by nature, partially it is the result of experience. For this very simple reason the “best pattern” is a kind of “best practice”, arising out of a process of experience where learning is to be intended as a continuous process, no matter if academical or self learning.

It is the case of those people, for example an entrepreneur of mine, achieving “laurea honoris causa” for their patented inventions, without having an academic award. It is experience and application to the project.

This is the reason why the healing of many psycho somatic disease can be find, first, in a lack of self esteem, acceptance and love for ourselves. To become able to understand our elements and to understand our pattern we need to take the time to observe ourselves and “love” what we are and what we do. Without this primitive love, we can not work to enhance any of our qualities, because we simply do not feel that our basic qualities con be combined in a fulfilling recipe for our success or happiness.

So, the time spent to make cakes with love or to dress up for powerful seduction is always well invested and may lead you to your happiness.

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