Holistic view n.1: Oils

I have always been a curious kind of person able to reach good results in different fields, therefore naturally inclined to certain time losses and energy random spreads, but also to a Round view of aspects. Not wanting to disregard any rules intentionally, I have always been suffering, a bit, to be obliged to boundaries, when very strict or unreasonable. As a child, I needed the “why” to things, to accept them, no matter if I had not the right age, the explanation effort itself mattered.

My research in materia starts very long time ago, since the academic years, when I wrote about bio technologies, then continued in the world of art, when, from 2009 through 2013, as painter of oil in canvas, I tested different oils for different results on the canvas, then continued in healthcare with attention to body nutrition.

Physiotherapist used Arnica, for example, for healing massages from hurts and my mother always used “ricino” (castor oil plants) for eyebrow.

Please, find in this picture a restrict collection of my oils. It has been clear in my life that “commodities”, basis elements from nature are really versatile, a kind of wealth that we have at disposal for our wellness if we pay attention to the quality and the application of the product.

I can say, as if today, that the pure lavender essence I bought and used in 2012 is still fresh and does not have any deadline to be consumed as I am obliged to state, on the contrary, for the one I bought and used in body, with a weaker perfume than the one for colours. I will soon test the one for painting on the skin, at my own risk.

It happened to me to use line seeds oil for bike chain, yes, for bike chain. Great results, really great. As oil for colours is conceived to aggregate, it is really fine for chain, respecting the metal and being as dry as needed to make it turn without spreading dirty drops anywhere. Simply high quality oil for the purpose.

Oils are essence and elisir of nature extracted for different use. As a kind of oil is a guarantee for a lasting effect of colour in centuries (you can see different canvas in museum) it is useful for body. You only have to pay attention as it often happens that products are not always certified or do not always contain real ingredients, therefore you might find no indication whether the oil has been blended with other ingredients or not. So, go nature, but go “Eyes Wide Shut”.

My English version of Away to Wellness will be richer in details taken from my personal experience.


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