Nutrition strategy n.9 – what you can do with protein powders

Life is long and diets are effective for a limited time, when objective oriented. For the rest of the time, you need to choose how to deal with your nutrition needs in any moment and in any place.

Therefore you need to take decisions, such as: “what do I eat when I really need something sweet but do not want to waste all the job I did with sports?”

Or: “in this moment I can not afford all I wish, what can I do, at best, with what I have?”

My answer is: use basic elements you can easily find anywhere, mixed with technological selected proteins. In this way you will fulfill all the basic need of preparing a balanced course for your exigeant muscles and bones with respect to natural needs of hydration, detoxification, taste, creativity.

Today for instance, I prepared a quick sweet protein pancake with fresh pineapple. Very easy, very tasty and very balanced after workout! All you need is:

  • Whey protein vanilla flavor (if you practice sport seriously, you should have it);
  • Oat flour (better the one bought in sport shop than supermarket as it is added with stevia sweetener and milk, hazelnut and cinnamon powder in the right proportion to have a nice final pancake);
  • Fresh pineapple (please do not use fruit in cans, if you do not have pineapple you may replace with a high hydration fruit such as melon, mango, strawberry);
  • Egg white.

Very simple: you simply cut your fruit in fine slices and put it on the hot plate to be quickly roasted (not cooked).

Within a couple of minutes you add the “glue” you prepared mixing oat flower with water and egg white.

In the mean time you prepare the milkshake you usually prepare with protein powder, but this time you use less fluid (water or milk) as you have to prepare a cream, not a beverage.

Then, when your fruity pancake is ready, it will take around five minutes, you can serve it artistically on the dish, adding the protein vanilla cream.

It is really tasteful, really easy, really respectful of your sport efforts and needs!

Chocolate variant:

If you love chocolate, you might simply add cocoa to the vanilla protein powders, then replace pineapple with fruit such as banana (rich in potassium) or pear (low glicemic impact and quietly hydrating) and add, finally, grated cocoa bar with more than 70% cocoa.

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