Happiness Strategy n. 2 – Move and know your body

As scientifically proved, muscles and bones themselves, when moving in appropriate way, therefore to practice a sport or a psico-physic activity, not simply walking from home to office, produce hormones enhancing the body and communicating with the brain.

As shown in “Focus” article, a well trained body can develop ancillary supporting abilities such as checking and counting time with the eye.

This is the main reason why I decided to set up a wellness method called “TheBodyWay”.
Upon my experience and studies, when you find yourself at a certain level of health and wellness wanting to improve, it is better to start understanding and enhancing your body.

Enhancing the body is a hard work that requires method, self analysis, understanding, strong will, challenge of limits, study, time.
All this job can not be but positive on brain and stimulate it towards new ways of thinking.
If you start from the mind, you might feel easily disappointed, as you may set unrealistic goals, for which your body might not be ready to support you, therefore instead of improving yourself, you might risk to feel more stressed.


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