The Body Way

The mind thinks, as the heart beats.

Tonight talks with a dear friend on the relationship between body and mind, trying to establishing a supremacy of one on the other, lead me to resume the XVII century quote by René Des Cartes, better known as Cartesio, “Cogito ergo sum” under contemporary interpretation.

No matter if the mind is usually considered to be superior to the body, as, in the act of thinking, it simply does what is supposed to do “as job” and it simply qualifies humankind with respect to all animals.

As the heart has been created to beat and pump blood into body, the mind has been created to think and manage the world around, starting from her personal perceptions.

So please, consider that the body you have and the way you treat it, may significantly affect your mind activity. Body is to mind as the hardware hosting and embedding softwares. Body matters. Should your monk desire something that the body can not do, then the power of the mind to shape reality is limited to the abilities of that body. It is evident in sports and in art craft works: your body can not alway s perform the actions set by the mind, although it is true that a strong will and a strong mind can overcome limits. Thanks to a strong and flexible body, mind will have more chances to Express her potentiality.


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