Happiness Strategy n.3 – Surprise your mind

You can not predict emotions, but you can provoke them.

At least once a month you should nourish your mind with a different food than everyday. You can go to an exhibition, a concert, a museum, to simply window-shopping, to taste new perfumes or food, but you should stimulate and enrich your mind with new visions, new tastes, new perceptions.

Simply choose an event, dress in the best possible way for the it and go without expectation, but having a new experience. Prepare yourself in advance to the event: Study the place, get basic information not to get lost when you arrive, but to know how to continue your journey or simply to understand what you see and be able to go deeper.

This month I went to a couple of exhibitions and I am happy about all the time I spent reading, taking pictures, observing, talking to people.

From Picasso Exhibition to Maxxi – contemporary art and AltaRoma fashion, passing from Auditorium, then I did a little tour by car with for a friend. Nice places to be, nice emotions. Usually, when you choose design and fashion you are sure you will get strong emotions. Design, however applied, has the power to provoke anybody’s mind. Remember, the mind has been created to think. One way to scroll and awake the mind, it to touch her main activity: design, however applied, does it. You will always remember an astonishing piece of design, as someone else’s mind pulled to human boundaries to create what is in principle even difficult to be conceived. When you need your mind to be provoked, go for design and see what other humans did.

Again, if you have the right body, then your experience will be better nourished, cause you will make better pictures, unforgettable ones. You will be happy to see yourself, alive and living in the world, with the right outfit, nice smile and shape.

Life is often a matter of geometry. Numbers and shapes are everywhere, giving directions to light and colours, arising perfumes.

Wherever you go, if you walk in the world with the right shape and face, you will have a better experience, you will find yourself at ease, you will have a wider smile to everything and find fun in simple things, even a walk.

I am currently in Rome, for special suggestions on this city, ask me.


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