How to face 40s: Tips and Tricks

Age matters. Champions stop competing before 40. Life changes. This is a fact.

Both men and women need to start watching to hormones and enter into a mentality of flexibility, as the flow of energy changes in accordance to life experience, too.

Wisdom matters. You expect from yourself not to repeat any experience if not enhanced to get a special benefit. Finalization pertains to thirties, optimization pertains to forties and fifties.

Find your mantras and supporting habits.

Keep kicking after 40: you can. Just optimize the movement. You have to learn to kick gently, inside a flow, and give attention to all body.

Women: eat more protein.

You need more to face bones weakness and to stay strong. You need to feed your hormones. Vegetables are for younger ladies wanting to be thin models, not for 40 ladies needing to step in the world with stability and strength. Do not incur in the error of making vegetables diet to loose the weight you might have gained during the thirties because of various stress. Eat protein for 60%! You can eat any kind of protein, better limiting meat, but do not believe to find strength only in vegetables and traditional carbohydrates.

Less pasta and more cereals. The energy conveyed by cereals is much more durable than the energy of a traditional pasta course. Cereals are rich. Eat egg. Eat beans. Eat fruit and Honey. Eat nuts! Do not worry if they contain fat, as that is a special kind of fat that will start to change your methabolism, slowly, but safely.

Eat spices, but learn how to use them! Spices are really detoxing and affect internal organs directly and immediately. Species are spicy for a reason! Try new tastes. Introduce variety to stimulate your methabolism.

Avoid traditional sugar after a meal and if you do not practice sports. Sugar is fine in the morning or before practicing sports. Drink water in the morning and before a meal.

Drink yoghurt if really fresh or enhanced with prebiotics to preserve belly. Eat thinking to digestion and liver. The less you compromise your stomach and liver, the better you will leave.

Avoid pharmaceuticals if not really necessary, but use them without hesitation if you are really sick. Pharmaceutical are designed to heal. If you are not really ill, they will affect sound body instead of ill.

It is like giving a punch to someone without abdominals. Boxeurs are strong! They take and give punches, becoming stronger from punches. Incredible? No, physical: hurts strengthen, effort strengthen. Pharmaceuticals are punches. They are specifically designed to effectively attack the pain. Do not take punches if you do not have a real pain. Become stronger. Do not do nothing and do not foster superiority of mind and virtues: take care of your body every day. Go for a speed walk, start a yoga course, run cyclette, go running, go swimming, but please, do yourself a favor: do not do nothing! Only one kind of person can do nothing: the one who never did anything. There are some rare people who really never practiced any sport: those ones are the Only ones who can continue with a particular methabolism based on energy saving. They are like thumb: they develop other abilities and way to stay Healthy, knowing and accepting that they will never experience how it feels being fit. Their psychology and needs are set on different hormonal balances, elaborating serotonin in different way and quantity.

Do not confuse tolerance and forgiveness with weakness. Tolerance comes from control of yourself first, then from understanding of the other and the situation, then from concentration on the common goal of hanging well together. Concentration needs energy, stability, strength. Do not let go, if you do not have fulfilling reasons to let it be. Do not forgive because you feel tired. It is not a good reason. As soon as you will find energy again you will revise everything you did.

Chocolate is always fine for ladies, when over 70%. Do not think that chocolate is good when combined with milk and sugar. It becomes addictive. Carnitina is fine for men.

Avoid sauces if you do not know how they have been made.

Avoid bread if you are not sure it has been made with good flours. Avoid anything that you feel heavy for digestion. For a nice outlook and energy, nutrition is 60% of the job, activity is the 40% and these percentage keep varying.

Avoid alcohol if you can not burn it. Limit it to special social events and make it become an elisir for taste and conversation, conveying unforgettable intense emotions.

About look: hair are more important when you become over 40 than when you are 20. Make up, too. Jewels, too. When you are 40, you decide the woman you want to be, in consideration of your past life. It is your decision what you really want to highlight and how you want to show your history. When you are 20 and still 30 you mostly accept or react to your education, when you are 40 you face your past life. Education is passed. It is exactly as on the job: after 20 years of job, it doesn’t matter that much where or when you graduated, experience prevails.

The same for men. When you are 40 no more excuses for being the man you have always wanted to be. If you like a woman, you have the experience to go to seduce her, if you feel like flirting. You do not need excuses. No alcohol needed: you can taste responsibly appreciating every single drop or bubble while surfing on the curvy edges of your sexy partner.

No more wives and mother victims. No place for traumatized men at 40. It is the best age you can have: job, experience, body. No place for shy men scared by emotions and gifts. Make a gift and keep calm: you will not be married for a gift, but you will have a spicy night in return. Be smart and stay strong: women still want to be seduced, escorts excepted. So, please, use the strength you use on the job to compete and address it to your wished lady…Or ladies. Do not say lies, you do not need them. Be brilliant. Be brave. Be like boxers: learn to receive and become stronger. Strong is always sexy. It is not true that women like men crying: it happens only when you want to marry, because when you share your parter’s deep weakness you feel he will become yours for a sense of wrong intimacy. Yes, I wrote wrong intimacy. Couples need to support each other. Weakness can be only temporary. It is human to be weak, but it is expected to react, and to sink into illness. So, speak of your disappointing wife with a professional, not with the woman you want to seduce.

If you can afford it, a nice jeans, in free time, can not but show your body. Do not be afraid to love your body and put perfume or make aestetic treatments: women will appreciate your perfumed silky skin. Shoes: please pay attention to sneaker. If you can not afford fashion, better gym.

Hair. Please, avoid unuseful hair on the face, nose and ears included. Watch your hand, too. A woman will never tell you she will not come with you a second time because of your hair everywhere, she will decline with courteous diplomacy.

More: get inspiration from fashion and culture. Go to concerts, exhibitions, or simply go windows shopping and let your awareness be stimulated by nice clothes on windows with special design.

Today, after a stressing date, I had one hour walk in the Piazza di Spagna fashion Area. I have to say I really got relaxed, feeding my female instinct. Do not feel guilty to feel female or male: that is the essence of your energy, then turned into intellectual job, deeply inside. It is always the anthropologic energy.

I have to admit that, as far as clothes are concerned, I really have been impressed by Fendi, Hermès, and Max Mara.

Fendi created very conceptual widows with sculpture of hands in mystic positions of tai chi, yoga and creation throughout history of fine art. This is not only clothes, this is when fashion meets design and aspires to a complete higher living, making of fashion a kind of living style.

See hereunder the lady seated in the energetic Area created by tai chi.

I also have been impressed by Hermès, who created a window of music discs with its foulards. Great style! Imagine how difficult it is to show classic foulard in appealing way. Great job!

Other interesting windows where fashion accessories became somehow living, not simply exhibited, but part of a living scene, such as Louis Vuitton and Max Mara.

So, find inspiration and stimolate yourself after 40, because it is your second last life. You won’t have a third one with the same opportunity to feel well. No regrets!

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