The Who and How of Love

Wellness needs love.

“Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all” and it involves the world, because you can not love yourself without elements of the world, “elements of life”.

“Love is a temple and when it happens it is time to write your story”.

Many singers devoted their pieces to explain how love is not only feeling, a passion, a instinctive impulse, erotism, but a stronger energy fighting for life, giving energy when you think you do not have anything more to nurture yours body and soul. Love is a particular fuel coming from the unknown and giving motivation. Everybody take decision when in love.

Usually love is intended towards a person and too often confused with sex or human passion for another unique human.

Love is a passion, indeed, but it is a passion towards something that involves you almost completely, something that enters your life without being expressly asked, without asking express permission,to stay.

Love stays.

When you find something you love, this something will stay, simply. No matter if you have to go away, or need to do things, this thing is there and continues to stay, adapting or making company “stay by me”.

I was 38 years old when I understood my life would have changed, but I did not have any idea of the how. My life was simply as many other lives. I had a job, I had my days to live, my things to do. Life was programmed all around one number, the number on which I was used to receive, regularly, my remuneration. That number disappeared from my life. Number 27 lost sense and brought away many complicated structured calculations. Even feelings and emotions. As when your life turns around one single number, then you can plan six months in advance where to go on holidays or you fix the date on which your payments will be passed, the RID, yes, the RID, the “anti stress” fast solution to get things done and flow, without even realize the time passing.

I lost the meaning of many things and found new meaningful things. Among them, Friday and week-end lost their meanings and time changed it’s speed. It was not a matter any more to find myself in one hour or an hour, what counted was to get certain things done. No matter the place nor the time.

Rationally, I was probably supposed to make different choices, such as move to another city, change house, enroll to some lessons and take specific certifications, but practically, I started living the day, trying to make out a great day of each day and I realized we are our mind living in our body. Our first house is our body.

I looked at the elements of my life. I had my body, my mind, a place to live, some technologies and many things from the past.

With the past I could not deal for a long time. The past needed to be reinvented, therefore I left them where they laid, for a while .

I took some time to take care of my body, starting back from sport and nutrition. Tasting and testing again sports with a new body, I met Yoga. I also met proteins powders and spices. I found a new name: Amanda.

Everything came spontaneously, surprising me and taking care of me, little by little every day. Taking care of myself knowing what is a yoga flow and why it makes you more balanced and flexible. Learning to practice sport every day, a bit of running, cycling, swimming, jumping rope. Seeing how your body immediately responds to you and asks you to continue to “stress” him, being demanding, as body is ambitious. Body is made to serve and preserve, to move and to host mind and soul safely, enabling their expression.

Knowing the feelings of people practicing yoga. Learning to cook according to your needs, not because you have to go to eat for contractual reasons, therefore having fun and inventing new recipes with your elements, protein powders, spices, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Understanding people producing or cooking food, people you only see on magazines.

A new way of meeting people, people from experience. The web and the radio have been the two major tools of connection with the world. I kept in touch with the radio, informing all the day on the various happenings and I started cultivating relations by means of videos and websites. For this reason, maybe, I created three blogs and a website plus some other landing pages.

Photography was there, certifying my life events. Iphone. My life was significantly supported by this little reliable and powerful box that efficiently deals with your duties and supports you in your communications with the world. Thanks to photography I could see myself from other points of view, physically. Yes, physically. Very often it happens that leading thoughts and decisions come from observation. Observation leads easily to contemplation and meditation. Decisions are just around the corner. It may happen you wake up and simply feel renewed and simply start doing something that is good.

About love: this is love. Loving the things you do, not only because you do them or you have to do them, but because you feel the need to give them a higher sense, putting them into a project. Love implies Projectuality. You realize you met love when you start projecting to make the present become future, or, as you may se it, to make the future have a shape in accordance with your present.

This flow, this energetic flow is love and it is made of elements of life, coming from other people.

I met Amanda, the new me. For a series of unrevealed reasons, I had that Latin name inspiring from inside since many years and one day came out, first giving the name to a creation of mine, then giving the name to a stranger. I changed name and surname. Isn’t this unexpected love?

I learned the meaning of many things that are already known, but still unknown as you do not experience them. I learned that sleeping on the ground is more relaxing than sleeping in the bed. My house remained the same, as I did not changed address, but the interior changed a bit, Day by Day, adapting to my new life style. Less space for sofa, more space for mat and fit tools. High heels went on the cupboard in place of family photos, books and other objects for cooking. Fashion came into my life, inspiring my pictures and taking care of my body after the training, or even helping me to better train.

Yes, Fashion helps because I was already healthy when I started training. I simply wanted to feel better and to reach higher performances. Let’s say that when I lost my 27, I was a good looking person with a conventional life, except for some extraordinary family affairs that have been following me since ever, but, yes, I was a balanced person leading a balanced life, In which you get up to get things done in some kind of office, to deserve the remuneration necessary to feed your passions and to live your weekend.

This was my life before losing the meaning of 27 and before learning to love myself outside of a 27 structured life.

*Note: in this article I made reference to Whitney Houston, Mario Biondi and DJ Tiesto. I often refers to singers.

A special thanks to my cats who are with me for great part of the day and who taught me that you have to stretch your spine every morning. Also this is part of love.

The graphic history of my name, as names have a shape, not only a meaning and a sound


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