Food testing

During these months I have been making some tests, trying new food and new recipes without specific knowledge before testing. This means I put myself at risk. On one side I tested:

1) protein powder desserts; then

2) new vegetables; then

3) spirits.

Yes, at risk, because vegetables can be toxic. Nature is not always good. It is not true that something is good only because it is natural: nature has its guns and knives. Moreover you are never sure what happens inside your body if combining ingredients randomly.

The choice: only from raw nature or human intelligence applied (manipulated) foods?

Nature is about geometry, chemistry and physics. Nature is at the base of pharmaceuticals as well as of natural remedies. If you eat one single natural ingredient in big quantity, you can heal your body or saturate intoxicating it. It all goes on quantities and combinations. For this reason I am against the “big mix” and in favor of “right combinations” or “isolation”. Whether you go for the raw solution or the human intelligence one, you need to make the point and take an aware decision.
After a first life passed testing traditional recipes from the world, I came to protein powders, enhanced foods and new natural foods.
I am writing this post after a year of tests on myself. I came finally to my best-lists for people having needs similar to mine.

On raw vegetables and fruits

Assuming that fruit and vegetables are usually made of 2/3 parts: heart/seeds, pulp, zest, with different properties, I tried:

  • Avocado’s heart, both grated and fried:
  • Papaya’s Zest, in salty version with apple and melon; Papaya’s seeds, both in salad and sweet version, fresh or dry;
  • Kiwi’s zest in frozen version;
  • White melon, pulp and zest and seeds;
  • Pomegranate, so powerful to replace lemon for detoxing and effectively inhibiting hunger;
  • Salmoned-trout’s eggs;

Then I combined elements to have:

  • Elixir for voice healing, with: 1) lemon and orange pulp, ginger, cloves and, finally, honey; 2) vin brûlée with honey.
  • Salty dress with Himalaya salt, papaya seeds, rosemary, laurus and grated lemon zest;
  • Tartare: 1) avocado, peanuts, White cauliflower, 2) white melon, celery, lemon, pfeffer, white fish.
  • Fried vegetables, in particular: ginger, green apple, carrots, American potato, red potato. When fried with glue, then with: rice flour and egg white.
  • Fried foods: better with rice flour as being gluten free and easily aggregating, and peanuts or sunnyflower oil;
  • Refreshing salad: 1) white melon, white cauliflower, celery leaves, egg, black pepper, lemon; 2) celery, white melon, curry, orange, ginger.

I have to say Papaya’s seeds are great and taste like sweet pepper. It is nice for liver.

Papaya’s zest is a surprise: it is bitter and matches well with green apple and white melon. Very detoxing, hydrating and having a stop-hunger effect. I read it is full of A vitamina and folate.

Kiwi’s zest, when frozen, is not even perceivable.

Avocado’s heart is very bitter if grated but has a good flavor if fried.

The elixir for the throat is simply great. You can do it even as “vin brûlé”, with addition of red wine, whose alcohol should be burned before boiling.

I am also testing cumin with salty crepes and the maca. They both have no nice smell, in particular cumin. Taken alone it is really terrible and you are asking yourself if you are doing something good, but if you mix it with flours in crepe, then it becomes milder. It is surely antiseptics. I learnt that the more the smell is strong, the more the spice is, too. The maca is bitter, too, to be taken with cocoa or cereals.

About protein powders and other manipulated food for nutrition:

About me:

As a matter of fact, my health is great. I am not sure of which ingredient exactly works better than others as I am not a chemist, but I am sure that my immunity system is really strong. I never have flue and I do not need the dentist as others do. I have energies for efforts, no period sufferings and great abilities in general.

Soft skin. Low sweat. No cellulite. Good hair. Good digestion. Regular periods. 40 years old, living in Europe, metropolitan city of Rome.

I am 163 cm tall, my weight is between 50 and 54 kg with a fat percentage between 6,8 and 9 and bones stable at 3. Clothing size: 42 for shoulders, 38 for high waist and 40 for low waist and legs.

I practice almost any sport with good results if compared to trained people. Currently specifically training at home with enhanced yoga on flexibility after some cardio, aiming to perfect headstands and acrobatic. Training outdoor too, in parks or streets and sea, in a calisthenics way, integrating with running/biking/swimming.

My eyesight is right and reaction times are always good. Maybe I do not not sleep regularly, as my sleeping time goes from 4 to 8 hours. When needed it happens even not to sleep at all and to recover sleep in the two days after with two section of 8 – 9 hours.

What I usually do, in addition, is to use the water from cooking of vegetables and drink it with grated lemon zest and spicy and oil in place of water. For example water from Cynar which is very detoxing but bitter. This way I take benefit from the properties of vegetables.

Wanting to speak of nice tastes, then I also melt red onion with pomegranate and balsamic vinegar.

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