Nutrition tips from the World Wide Web

As I am part of some international blogs and groups on sport, fitness, wellness I have to say there are very common thoughts that need to be corrected or clarified or better explained.

I still read lists of to-dos and don’ts which simplify nutrition issues in such a way to create false enemies and literally international wars on nutrition.

All these lists are wrong in the concept. Many affirmations are wrong as set as absolute. There are really a few food that are dangerous or unhealthy, but most of the time the main Issue is on whether a certain food is negative for a certain person if cooked in a certain manner because 1) it prevents from reaching a certain goal straightforward, 2) it is or is not toxic.

  • First of all we have to distinguish between what is or become toxic by mistaken cooking.
  • Once we have made this primary distinction, we have to distinguish on what is not compatible with our methabolism but might me compatible with the metabolism of others, this is the case of many allergies, intolerances, delicate digestive organs, or simply saturated and polluted methabolism to be cleaned.
  • Once we have made this further distinction and better learned who we are in terms of methabolic types (not of races or nationalities nor cultures), then we have to look around us and verify what kind of food we have at our disposal, as our real list will be very pragmatic: You have to find the right list where you are.
  • Once we have assessed this, first thing, please, really, do not make those lists saying “no carbs” rather than “no fats” et cetera. Food is about chemistry. Food is complex. It all goes on chemistry and combinations. The body is a complex machine needing a certain proportion of each element, and, moreover, unless you eat only cauliflower and strawberries or veggies, sorry, I have to inform you that even veggies contain fats, therefore you would better go deep into the knowledge of which kind of fat you are eating.

I understand that when the goal is to pass from 90 kg to 55 kg or from 70 to 50, then you start following listsx because I can guess that if you are 90 or 80 but expected to be 50, then there is something really wrong in your lifestyle or education since ever, therefore starting from “gross” lists helps, but , please, do not go around the web predicating to-do or don’t as if they were the Holy Bible X teachings. They are not.
If you want to be sensational, you would better publish your pictures without predicating easy rules, as nutrition is a science and the body a very complex machine, for which athletes struggles every day and compete and for which scientists make continuous researches. Do not generate false enemies. Do not create false heroes if you can not explain the chemistry and your goals, accordingly.


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