What nobody tells you about flat belly

Flat sculpted belly is as ancient as man’s history.

We can admire statues from the classic Greek age with six pack. This means, also, it is an issue for fashion and Eros. Differently from the ancient world, where people lived no more than 40 years and fought in long wars, we live in offices, not a spartan life and with technologies, we spend a lot of time, tough and blocked, with a smartphone in our hands, not fighting somewhere in Asia, Russia, Egypt, Colosseum, struggling with hunger, changing temperatures, bearing heavy armatures.

Nutrition and training theories need to be updated to the contemporary lifestyle.

Having a flat belly is possible and easy. Having a flat well sculpted belly is challenging.

Even when you have your period, ladies, you could have a flat belly. I could not believe myself when I discovered I had my period with no pain at all, no skin hormonal problems and a flat belly, too. Opening and closing this “pink issue” – male readers please be patient – I am not a chemist, but I think that the greatest contribution was given, this month, by nuts and detoxing, hydrating, ant inflammatory fruits and vegetables, in particular to pineapple. I also have integrators of magnesium and amino, but this month I really had something like seven pineapples. It happened to me to eat one completely in a day. I had it for soothing effect on joints, but I guess that, together with all my spices and integrators, it had an overall virtuous effect. It is also the last fruit I had in the days before period, together with white melon and celery. To have a flat belly during period, stay light, rich in minerals and hydrate. No pasta. No gluten. Light protein, only from egg white or fish or nuts.

Back to unisex flat belly. Some metabolic kind of people have a natural inclination to flat belly, for others it requires more attention as belly is directed connected to brain and mind, therefore any mind disorder will reflect on belly. Basically, you need to set the nutrition on digestion and to train AB in various ways, preferably with long movements involving the whole body.

What nobody tells you is that a belly flat can not contain air, therefore the more you will have a flat belly, the more your belly muscles will push out any digestive air. Do not worry! When you have a flat belly, your intimate air will change according to your nutrition. I experienced the paradox of having apparently less air when I was 10 kg more then with a flat belly.

Which are the combination of food that provoke air? Simple, all those food having not enough water inside and too much sugar and protein. It is not a matter of beans rather than onions, it is a matter of cooking, combination and quantity. Beans, tomatoes and fruit zest, for example, while having the positive effect of stimulating belly movements, they often contain a substance generating fermentation. Animal protein, usually, require you to drink more water, and in the need of 5 hours of digestion they generate some air. Then, also fruit after pasta. Too many carbohydrates and glucose together: they simply react as yeast with flour and water, causing rising of bumbing of your belly. Simple.

Therefore, just look at what you put in your dish and ask yourself what and how you combine and you will solve your problem without medicals. For sure, any antioxidants and refreshing food is healthy.

About empty your belly for an event: upon my experience you have two choices hard training or nutrition. You can also choose a combination of the two of them. About nutrition, many Expert have different diets. During last year I personally learnt to keep each day as flat as necessary to be ready with only one day of preparation.

Speaking to people normally fit and with a normally Healthy life style, I would suggest to perform a special AB training two days before the event, in order to benefit of the effects within 48 hours and to leave 24 hours of advance observation to correct anything that might be corrected.

About nutrition, I suggest to avoid any gluten food, even oat if you do not practice sports and do not burn it. Then, I recommend a natural very strong laxative elixir I personally tried. In addition to the elixir, I recommend to eat protein powders or almonds instead of animals and beans ones, to really control what you are eating and do not incur in any surprise before the event. I would also eat only a few vegetables and fruit, only the hydrating and detoxing ones, such as celery, cucumber and fennel, then, about fruit, papaya, water melon in summer, pineapple all the year, green apple, white melon, strawberries in spring, grapefruit, pomegranate. Use lemon to dress them and a light protein oil such as sunny flower, sesame, peanuts. Olive oil is great with rosemary, basil and other Mediterranean recipes. You could drink a cream made thrimming steamed/boiled tomatos, red onions, carrots and celery, plus pfeffer. No pasta, as this is not a cream to dress pasta, but only creamy sauce from steamed vegetables to nurture you for a flat belly. If you choose the tomato way, have it two days before as red onions need half a day to have laxative and detoxing effect. Add some apple vinegar to the mix to neutralize any “onion smell” effect. The taste should be slightly sweet, not the typical tomato sauce for pasta.

Some detoxing spices, if you have no intolerances, are always ok, such as ginger, curcuma, pfeffer, papaya seeds. Avoid direct refined sugar. Avoid big mixes of fruit and vegetables as you can not control what happens exactly in your belly within digestion. Drink tea rather than coffee, as tea inhibits hunger, while coffee activates senses and may stimulate your hunger. Better to avoid chocolate, if you can not burn it, for the same reason of coffee: chocholate bars are often mixed to butter, milk and sugar and may activate your senses and hunger. Finally, there are some laxative solutions: either you could buy an Arabic gum solution or you could prepare yourself one. I tested one with pineapple. Use the zest, the skin, do not throw it away, as it is full of fiber, enzymes and even of Arabic gum! Simply:

  • put all the zest of one entire pineapple in a pan
  • with two glasses of water
  • adding only 3 cloves (if you do not have cloves you can use ginger),
  • 1 lemon zest.
  • Let it boil for around ten minutes until the zest becomes bitter, with no nice flavor from the pulp (you can throw it away, now).
  • Then, strain the infusion in a glass (some water will be evaporated meanwhile) adding one spoon of honey.

The elixir should have a nice strong taste, as a syrop, sweet and spicy. You should feel the throat cleaned while drinking and you should have a toilet necessity within one hour even if you were not full. It should really get your belly empty.

Back to training: a specific AB training is necessary. Practicing sport itself does not guarantee a flat and sculpted belly. You may be a runner with the beer belly or a swimmer with the love handles. You need to integrate with exercises. The positive aspect is that you can do them also at home.

  1. AB leg raises (classic V and biking) and crunches (straight and crossed, full and mid line movement),
  2. Planking (normal, lateral and inverse with bridge and wall variations) and
  3. Push-ups, can be done everywhere as
  4. Yoga (yoga flows usually comprise some of the above).

You do not even need gym shoes. Simply remember that until you do not feel it hurting, you are not working enough. That is all. Have your protein after. Have your egg white or integrator before. A prebiotic, also, would help. Then, integrators.

Focus on women’s belly around 40 from hormonal point of view

In addition to what said and explained about training and nutrition, you should take into consideration the hormones point of view as apart. Training and nutrition comprise this point of view, but a more specific focus will help to find your solution.

Before menopause age, which is variable, the balance progesteron/estrogen changes causing more carbohydrates and stress sensibility.

Practically, this means that eating the same as 10 years before or training as 10 years before is not that suitable to avoid cortisol and related fat assimilation. Therefore, if you feel like no achieving results, despite your training and your diet, you should stop to think about how to change hormones.

Sex itself, as activity, changes hormonal balance, but, unless you pay an “escort” or have a “perfect partner”, you can not practice sex as you practice sports, therefore the only thing you practically can do, is working on stress and cortisol. You have to delete the Agents that cause you stress and start activities that can soothe or relax your mind and body. Your metabolism will turn right again and you will have your flat belly. I have it.

Personally, I find restoration in headstand positions of yoga. When my body is upside, I clearly feel that balance and fluid is challenged. The truth is also that, as a woman, you can not perform them without enough flexibility and muscular strength. Typically, men perform them. I have seen really a few women, such as Laruga Glaser, performing great headstands. Laruga Glaser has the body for speed running and long or high jump, so, applied to yoga, she can do really great things. Despite the Chinese tradition in contorsionism, great headstand are more elegant with a longer body, extending long in all directions and harder at balance. Technically, a longer body needs stronger muscles to compensate balances of legs and arms. Therefore a strength/calisthenic training could help significantly to get there rapidly.

I also find great restoration in spa. I really feel that my body, after half a day in a good spa, is changed from inside. The warm-cold alternation stimulate circulation, heart, breathing, skin. They really get the body oxygenate by simple physical processes. No nutrition, no training needed.

Resuming: A sculpted belly needs simply two things: constance and consistency at any age with the necessary differences.

At the age of 40 if you stop training for more than two days, even if you eat proteins and watch the diet, you will see your six pack become lighter. I want only to draw your attention to the fact that a “turtle belly” (that in women is more a “medusa belly”) needs a base to come out, therefore the low part of AB, near the V lines, will be, as a paradox, thicker to give a support to AB. Just check body building champions to verify. You have to choose. At a certain point you have to choose between a thin and slim flat or a “medusa turtle” with evident V line, that is sexier on men’s body than women’s. I have it. I have the V line too, but, despite being a wellness coach, no men has ever paid to see that line. I only met men asking for nice nails and chest or ass, which you can have without a specific training effort. Even quadriceps. How much does it matter into a man’s choice? I suggest to take of care your body for your own pleasure, first, to love yourself first, without caring for men’s preferences unless they become explicit and ready to pay for their wishes.

So, no worries! Your turtle will come back within two days, I tested on my body, but it is almost mathematical. AB are, in the body of a woman among the most delicate muscles.

You could have strength, deep strength and resistance but not sculpted AB. They have different levels. The one you are working for, the surface one, lies comfortably on a deeper one, the one you use to give light to children and to sing if you are a singer. The so called turtle is not the strongest part of AB, technically, in a woman’s body. You should consider it as the “final touch”, something more as a special dress. Muscles, in general, on a woman’s body, stay less than on men. A different physis.

I will show you on my body belly’s variation in the same period, one year period.

One of the best training tips I learned is:

“when you feel the burn, do ten more”.


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