What you can do with red wine

With red wine you can do two great things:

  • Vin brûlé;
  • Balsamic dressing.

About vin brûlée

This is the perfect remedy for a throat ache or flue. It has immediate effect. If you need to heal your throat, you can also try fresh lemon and ginger in place of wine. Just follow my instructions and verify.

  • Put in a pan two glasses of good fruity and aged red wine such as a good Cabernet- Sauvignon;
  • Add the zest of one orange;
  • Add the zest of one lemon;
  • Add the zest of one apple;
  • Add 5 cloves;
  • Add vanilla bar;
  • Add 2 spoons of cane sugar (no Stevia)/ in place of sugar you can use Cointreau;
  • Add 1 nutmeg.

As it boils, literally light the fire and let the alcohol burn. When finished add 2 spoons of honey and drink it. You will feel immediately well and relaxed. You will fall asleep nicely and if you le throat is suffering because of flue or inflammation, you will immediately feel better.

I tried also the version with white wine, but io si not as valuable and effective as with red wine, unless you use a special aged wine called “passito”. You need to add sugar, which is not ideal.

Just try and write me back if it is not as I said.

About Balsamic Dressing

Traditional balsamic vinegar from Italy is very expensive as it is a traditional product aged a minimum of 12 years up to 40 years in different wood containers. Many people could not afford it, but still they might like the taste, in place of other common sauces. As it comes from red wine, it is full of nice antioxidant properties. What you can do is simply the following:

  • Put in a pan two glasses of good red wine (better a fruity aged one such as a good merlot, a good Cabernet-Sauvignon);
  • Add 5 cloves, rosemary and some black red pfeffer grain;
  • Add 2 spoons of cane sugar;
  • Add 2 spoons of Cointreau or Triple Sec or Cachaca.

Let it boil then burn the alcohol in it. When the flame stops to burn, strain it into the bottle with 2 spoons of honey. Close it with a cork plugs to let it oxidative. Let it sleep for at least one month, then use it on your salad, or sushi or crepes.

This product has no need to be put in the refrigerator as it has been “pastorised” by you through cooking and as red wine is a natural product transforming with oxygen into vinegar. Nothing to throw away, simply a better product as the time passes. You can use it both with salty food and sweet. It is extremely versatile as rosemary and pfeffer gave him the refreshing green base to go with salty food, while the fruit zest and honey created the base for a sweet combination.

Traditional Recipes products prices varies from   20 euro to 500 euro per 50 ml product depending on the product, aged  and number of production. They are all limited version.

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