Sweet, Easy and for Sport

If you need to eat something sweet, even a small quantity, but need to watch on the calories or digestion, you can safely fulfill your taste in a few minutes.

You only need three ingredients:

  • Casein proteins (fine powder and very delicate creamy effect);
  • Pure cocoa powder;
  • Almond milk or water.

As cocoa powder is a flour as matter of fact, you can simply put it in the pan with almond milk (that is sweet), energically twist and put it on the fire for only five minutes. Cocoa itself marches very well with various fruit, nuts and coffee and for sports is a great energetic element, full of magnesium.

If you do not appreciate cocoa, you can do it with half oat, half coconut powder and cinnamon or other aromatic jam/juice such as blackberry or strawberry or some fruity liqueur or coffee grains only to give a flavor to chocolate.

You can prepare the casein proteins aside. The chocolate will be ready (very tough cream) in five minutes. You can put it in the glass, then cover it after a couple of minutes with Casein cream and serve with some decoration. It is really simple and healthy. About sugar, just put the quantity you need, according to your diet and taste, if almond milk is not sweet enough. Easy, healthy even for non sport people.

All you need is to always have at home:

  • a couple of fresh fruit,
  • a variety of nuts and seeds,
  • a variety of honey,
  • cocoa powder or bar higher than 70%;
  • a variety of desidrated fruit

Then, some very simple couples of tastes will be simply great. For example:

  1. Peer, nuts, chestnut honey: simply cut in slim slices the peer, put it for five minutes on the roasting plate, then add nuts in small pieces and chestnuts honey on it. The taste is grate, the course is light, rich in protein and good of nutrients for heart. If you are really hungry or want to complete the taste, then you can add simple “ricotta” or “yoghurt” rich of calcium and protein from milk.
  2. Avocado, peer, white melon, peanuts: simply prepare a tartare cutting into small pieces and dressing with salt, lemon, peanut oil.
  3. Pomegranate, red onion, balsamic vinegar, raspberries: you can create a nice sweet mousse in 5 minutes cooking, adding some lemon, apple vinegar, honey. Onion first, a couple of minutes, then the other. You can use the sweet mousse on a creamy yoghurt or rice pudding or crepes as you prefer, or on black rice.
  4. Grated coconut, peer, chocolate (grated bar or powder), if you cut the pear and put it on the plate, then the chocholate will simply melt onto with coconut. For your pleasure you may add vanilla ice cream or a good rum/cachaca (1spoon) to complete the taste.
  5. Pineapple, Green Apple, grated lemon. Simple and nice. You could add, as vegetable, celery. Just cut everything very thin, put it on the plate for 5 minutes to get roasted, then you can eat them as salad with a bit of salt or in the sweet variation on pancake. Certain fruit such as white melon, peer, green apple can be dressed with salt and pepper, not only with sugar. Usually the most hydrating ones.

Then, you can always create a good base of crêpes to be filled with the sweet you need. Recipe is very simple:

  • 1 measure oat flour;
  • 2 measure rice flour;
  • 1 liquor glass grated hazelnuts;
  • 1 spoon of coconut sugar;
  • 2 egg whites  (or 50 ml);
  • 1 glass almond milk/soya milk;
  • 2 spoon sunny flower oil or peanuts oil.

If you respect these proportions, the result will be nice. If you modify introducing a new flour or cocoa powder you have to adapt other proportions accordingly. What matter is the density.

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