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Thanks to Instagram artist @ellehell
Thanks to Instagram artist @ellehell

Alcohol simply comes from the fermentation of sugar. Alcohol is at all effects a narcotic stuff. Each  drug has its characteristics and specific impact.

Differently from others, it comes from  natural processes, fermentation, distillation and aging, that mediates his journey to brain. It is never  taken pure, as it is usually a component of other fluids, such as wine and spirits, therefore in the journey to blood and brain it has to pass from stomach and liver.

For this reason the related absorption and assimilation by body significantly varies upon many factors, such as age and body type, or simply hour of the day, stress level. Alcohol is even present in pharmaceuticals as vasodilator. So, better not to create false enemies.

On one side it is therefore not realistic to establish rigid law levels to punish alcohol drinking as a crime, on the other side it is difficult to learn to drink really responsibly. Alcohol needs experience. Knowledge and experience.

Relaxing alcohol effects are usually the real reason why any drink is being drunk. The real truth is that it is a company, giving supporting and releasing effect at the same time, therefore stressed people get it to feel better. Moreover, in the pure version (wine and spirits) or in the mixed one (cocktails) it can also have a nice taste and be assumed for the pure pleasure of taste. Again, alcohol needs knowledge and experience, not to create addictions or false sense of release and support.

The biological truth is that alcohol, in any form, weakens the body. It is also true that many other stuffs or behaviors weakens the body, such as smoking or assuming too many pharmaceuticals, when not needed, or not practicing sports and not getting really oxygenate and detoxed. The point becomes really simple: you have to choose what you want to do with your body, how you want to feel and choose the “best worst”. It is almost certain that if you combine more weaken factors together you will expose yourself to problems.

If you are an athlete, you should avoid all of them, as your body needs to be at the highest standards of performance, always, without recovery times. Time to recovery is wasted to progress.

If you are a manager, you would better limit all of them, as you need to be ready to take decisions in any moment.

If you are a person with a regular life, then you may have some more, but keep in mind that alcohol attacks veins and neurons, altering your moods, your reactions, your senses every day. Body has a memory. If you educate your body to alcoholic emotions every day by even a single glass of wine, you are generating habits, emotional habits. Your blood examinations might be within the range, but your character could already be altered. Alcohol creates addiction without the feeling of guilty. It comes from grapes. It is fruit. You will not feel guilty and you will need alcohol to clean your mouth or to feel a sense of completion. Yes, completion.

Alcohol is nice. Alcohol has personality. If you are alone at a concert, alcohol could be the right partner. You can stand there alone with your drink: yes, alcohol annihilates solitude.

You are not alone, you are with your Self and Alcohol. If you are with other people, alcohol gives you support, the energy you need to smile when your brain would not. Alcohol is a kind of friend in many situations, but you have to pay attention, because it could become an omnipresent friend, stealing your self’s estimation. The more one needs alcohol to smile, the more he’s becoming weak. It is a very subtle line. I met many people with alcohol addiction experiences. One glass a day can be too much, it can create psychological addiction. One beer a day after office, could be too much.

I was born in a family and region where wine is in the table every day. My grandfather was a wine producer. I had the chance to learn to know it, gradually. Today I do not drink it, except occasionally. I had my nights out.

Usually, men used to offer me good wines to  facilitate conversations. It has always worked. I used to let me soft down, but the day after I woke up with no relationship. As a paradox, I had in return the wrong feeling that there had been more participation than there really was. It was not feeling, it was alcohol. It was not affection, it was alcohol. It was not love. It was not true abandonment. It was not pure sexual fusion, as there was alcohol in our bloods. “I love you” had no sense. “I love you, thanks to alcohol” would have been the right wording.

I left alcohol. One night, trying to forget a man, out with a new one, being offered alcohol as always, I was stopped by police and had a fine and some months of punishment. In those months I learned to understand love. Before that event, I did not understand the way alcohol gave me emotional confusion with men. Since then, I changed my approach to food, trying to feel the way food changes our body and mind, even emotions. I also refined my sensibility to others. Today I do not feel like drinking, if not on special social events, as it is still undeniable that alcohol is a sharing ritual: drinking makes you share eyes, comments, tastes, gestures. It is a code, a language, a way to talk and to introduce one another.

During last days I prepared some vin brûlée, using good aged 14,5 % wine and two measures of Triple sec and Chambord, that is the normal quantity a person has at a dinner: one glass red wine and passover. I had to wait two minutes before all the alcohol contained in one single glass had burned. Yes, two minutes alcohol burning. Impressive.

One glass of wine a day is acceptable only in case you are leading a very regular life, with a regular employee job, with ripetitive habits, regularly going to bed and sleeping regularly seven hours, having regular remuneration, sex and, eventually, children, booking holidays and planning life in advance. If you are this kind of person, then you can drink one glass of wine a day without compromising your health but simply needing to watch out for weight balance and your brain, as wine weakens and blurs brain brightness for extreme performances.


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