The Protein Choice

Post in progress – last update March 18, 2018

Proteins are at the bricks at the base of your muscles and preserve your entire body energy, even bones.

All other nutrients are accessory, as they have the function to detox, hydrate, integrate, but do not have any building effects.

Building comes from combination of amino acids, the chemical and material bricks of our bodies.

If you delete proteins choosing an orthodox vegan diet or any other kind of regime eliminating proteins, you will stay probably healthy for a long while, but you will loose energy and you will necessarily have to set on a low metabolism life, weakening day by day, slowly.

If you do not have energy to produce strength, you would better stop any endurance or strength activity.

It has to be highlight that if you combine proteins with the wrong nutrients, you will probably incur into internal inflammations or be easily subject to certain bacteria and diseases, as your bricks will not be bound by the the right “glue”.

Proteins from whey have the “milky structure” that has better performances in terms of elasticity, both with hard cold and hard heat, while vegan are great taken in pure form, as row and fresh as possible, as they are more sensitive to any cooking and temperature alteration.

If you want to create a kind of “affogato al caffè” (dessert, sunk in coffee) the vegan ones will not melt down as it is would be necessary and will stay hard. For this reason, a body built with vegan proteins will never be sculpted in volume, but will have a deep strength.

Vegan proteins in general have a hard and sensitive structure, while whey and casein are more elastic, allowing more muscle building and body sculpting.

The interaction with the brain, also, is very different and support in movements. Protein from vegetables are great from raw foods on daily life for a healthy life style without the aim of bodysculpting. The taste is often somehow artificial if you choose the sweet ones, as they mainly come from peas, soy and beans, therefore they are better for soups and salty creams than for desserts.


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