About silicon

Silicon is a great material for health and creative cooking.

With good silicon moulds you can create:

  • Frozen desserts;
  • Plumcakes, cakes and biscuits;
  • Tartares;
  • Pudding and creamy food.
  • Crepes, using the cover to close the pan and turn it on the other side

You can go for the salty or sweet option, completely natural or with enhanced food such as protein powders. Pagented Sylicon can stand both under zero and 220 centigrades.

Hereunder some desserts I created:

Small plumcakes in oven (better classic oven, no microwaves).

Chocolate plumcakes in pan

Rice and lentils salty cake with veggies tartare

IT: Tortino di riso e lenticchie con semi di finocchio, sesamo e lino. Contorno di tartare di sedano e melone bianco con scorze di arancia candite. A scelta, variante europea con scaglie di parmigiano oppure variante esotica con Zenzero fresco grattugiato e pepe nero.

Rice cake in almond milk on roasted ananas.

Rice, fish and seeds

Frozen dessert from AllMax chocolate protein powder from whey)

Frozen dessert from AllMax whey protein and Scitec vegan proteins.

Given that the percentage of added cocoa completely changes the consistency, so that the first one to melt down is the one with more cocoa powder, that creates nice effects with fruits and nuts, then, proteins from veggies are the hardest ones. I would not suggest them for desserts, unless you eat vegan, only.

Proteins from whey have the “milky structure” that has better performances in terms of elasticity, both with hard cold and hard heat, while vegan are great taken in pure form, as row and fresh as possible, as they are more sensitive to any cooking and temperature alteration. If you want to create a kind of “affogato al caffè” (dessert, sunk in coffee) the vegan ones will not melt down as it is would be necessary and will stay hard. For this reason, a body built with vegan proteins will never be sculpted in volume, but will have a deep strength.

Vegan proteins in general have a hard and sensitive structure, while whey and casein are more elastic, allowing more muscle building and body sculpting. The interaction with the brain, also, is very different and support in movements. Protein from vegetables are great from raw foods on daily life for a healthy life style without the aim of bodysculpting. The taste is often somehow artificial if you choose the sweet ones, as they mainly come from peas, soy and beans, therefore they are better for soups and salty creams than for desserts.


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