Alchemy: between acceptance and change

I am not easy.

338E6A45-2353-4C84-A05A-3D73645CE208We all have a masculin and feminine side, showing off in different ways. According to proportion of this evidence and of the areas of life where each part expresses herself, our relationships and networks or experiences completely differ and may determine easy success or insuccess of anybody. Being in the wrong place or dealing with wrong people may cause many unnecessary problems.

Life can not be without problems, but you can significantly determine the kind of problems you will incur, as each problem will represent a challenge. According to your nature, you have to choose the challenge you can better bear and win, as it is in the principle of positive nature to fight to win and grow, not to loose or to simply survive. For example, living in a place rather in another one is a basic way of “choosing challenges”. This is the principle at the base of immigration and emigration: someone decide to survive where they have born, other prefer trying the unknown in a new land.

Therefore, when you have a problem, first you should start from a marketing analysis of yourself: positioning “where I am, why am I here, should I stay or should I go”.

My body gives evidence of my double essence. My face is very feminine, very womanly, my body is very harmonious in proportions, but then it is very strong in the structures. According to my structure, I am a mankind lady, still not homosexual, but very masculine. I like having a moderate Brest. I would hardly operate for bigger boobs, as boobs is not the part of my body I consider vital. I do not feel more feminine through bigger books.

Femininity is for me a more sofisticated matter of fashion. Given a certain basic nature, I love hair, style, makeup, and body sculpting. Yes, body sculpting is to me the first way to feel the woman I want to feel.

Body sculpting, not constructing.

This is a very different perspective, as I prefer using science and technology to keep, enhance and sculpt rather than to dramatically modify.

Maybe it is because I am 163 cm tall and my height has been conditioning all my life.

Height is something you have to accept.

Never high enough for many purposes. Once you learn to accept you are 163 cm then you do not care about many other things. You are not small, but you are not tall. You can not compensate with any surgical, GMO, natural superfood or pharmaceuticals. I rarely use pharmaceuticals. I prefer working on prevention. Taking pharmaceuticals for basic body functioning such as belly care is to me a sign you need a life change.

Fashion becomes fundamental. Once you have defined your network, you decide your image to create valid life relations. Relations are based on exchange of emotions and you first give emotions with your outfit, your voice, your image. If you decide to deal with a network of people where femininity passes through high hills, rather than boobs, then your “problem” will be simply managed by choosing the right shoes and your height will be to everybody the natural characteristics allowing you to choose a certain “evolution code”.Therefore, accepting height is like positioning.

My decisions always starts from what I can not change, rather than from what I can change, as what I can not change is sure and strength is rooted on sureness. If mind and character had muscles, then genetics acceptance would be proteins for mind and character. In oriental philosophy they call it “acceptance”, I would rather call it “aware strength positioning”. The concept may seem the same, but it is radically different.

You can wear green eye lenses, but when you take them off, you turn to your genetic colours. You have to accept height but you do not have to accept white hair. You can change your nose, mouth and boobs. Basically, nature gives you the possibility to change a lot of things, without harm. All that nature allows you to change, is “natural”. Could anybody deny that even the most traditional cheese comes from fermentation of milk, therefore from a change of nature? You can change sex, you can not change height.

As a coach, rather than going into psychological labyrinth, I would recommend to start from a simple “what list”:

  1. what can I change,
  2. what would I never change even if I can,
  3. what would I change even if I can’t.

Then I would focus on the “how&why“:

  1. how (necessarily implying a why) would I;
  2. why (necessarily implying a “how would I preserve”) wouldn’t I;

I believe in the power of fashion, as it does not alterate genetics, but enhance what you have. I believe in sport and body sculpting as it transforms you basing on your genetics. I make a limited use of surgery, as life is long and facing irreversible structural changes is serious. I have one tattoo and One piercing. I am currently considering how boobs surgery could change my body, as I am 40 and I am fine with a 40 years sculpted body. I would not feel like having a 20 years breast with 40 years shoulder and biceps.

My body is already full of contrasts, however balancing.

Wellness Plan

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