How protein powders changed my life

Protein powders changed my way of eating, therefore my life.
Thanks to these studies on powders, I came back to normal eating, following my needs and taste, instead of diets full of “can’t and don’t”.

Before using protein powders, I simply stopped eating sweet and desserts as many people for weight watching reasons and I became one of those sad person watching calories and feeling guilty each time I put a fork to the mouth, as any diet a specialist suggested me was always incomplete. Incomplete either in the taste or in the ingredients.

This is also due to the fact that usually personal trainers only give you traditional diets, replacing food with integrators, they do not educate you, they simply give a kind of diet as many other specialists do. Therefore, it may become hard and boring or depotentiating.

Moreover, it may happen – as it happened to me – that your body incur into “taste confusion”, that particular condition of the body when you assume very different tastes in the same day or week, to generate an inner dissatisfaction, as you never eat the taste you feel the need of, frustrating your psycho. When you feel the need of salty, it is the time for sweet proteins and when you feel the need of sweet it is the time for rice, chicken and veggies. As life is long, I have been testing different combinations, to support mind not only during a diet, but after the body changes, able to support to face new life styles.

Since when I started consuming protein powders for muscles building and started to make tests combining with traditional principle of cooking, my life really improved: I now eat sweets every day at any hour I feel like, disregarding all previous rules.

Protein powders gave me body shape and taste freedom. I use them in many ways and my mind always feels satisfied, therefore body weight watching has become something natural I do not even care of.

I needed around one year of tests and some other years to get far from traditional cooking. It has been psychologically challenging as all the people around you, when you are Italian, keep stimulating you towards full natural and traditions. Well, I tried to keep the best of traditions and experienced a complete new way of cooking: selecting ingredients, combining them can be as revolutionary as simple, it is something affecting the basic assumptions, a powerful change.

My priority concerns where:

  • Reducing as much as possible carbohydrates (not completely as they are necessary for muscle building and endurance performances such as running, therefore I went mainly for long releasing carbohydrates);
  • Increase as much as possible protein intakes (choosing the right protein is a key to a great body);
  • Keep only the good and healthy fats (some fats are necessary to keep body elasticity and protects heart, veins and brain);
  • Keeping high hydration and Vitamins without accumulating water in tissues (this is not as easy as it may seems as water retention is a problem to many overweight people);
  • Keeping enhanced performances, no matter the season, the time of the day.

Thanks to the various protein powders I did all this. Protein powders are under control: you know what you are eating. Even if they are very different one from the other one, basically they all offer a studied blend, otherwise muscles would not grow. Moreover they mainly are made to be practically in-taken as drink or mousse with different tastes, therefore they can validly integrate your life on a daily base.

As far as taste is concerned, I prefer the very basic vanilla ones, then I prefer adding fresh fruit or cocoa or grated nuts. I think protein powders are great as far as they deal with their core business: protein, amino, vitamins, minerals. Then, when it comes to sweeteners and flavors, I prefer use the fresh and row ingredient from nature, which is usually rich in nutrients. I prefer the biodynamic ones, cultivated with attention both to needed pharmaceuticals and to natural circles, aiming to reduce as much as possible the use of chemicals and exploiting at maximum features of territory, such as earth, sun and mechanical ways of healing. About GMO, I am, daily, for organic, but I approve GMO for specific purposes, such as feeding starving populations or healing with enhanced GMO nutrition in place of tough pharmaceuticals.

Back to my diet, of traditional cooking I kept, with the concern of taste, the basic principles of:

  • Cooking the least time possible to respect nutrients (cooked food often loses properties and, as a matter of fact, you are not in control of what you are eating exactly);
  • Cooking preferably without yeast, therefore studying reactions of different combinations of flours, eggs, oils, seeds and different way of cooking;
  • Eating as fresh as possible to have the best from raw nature at any level, fruit, vegetables, fish and meat.

Thanks to protein powders I could start creating dessert with chocolate, vanilla and fruit flavor without the need of that dangerous combination of sugar/egg/butter that usually is a problem to many weight watchers. Protein powders give you a great tasty cream validly replacing any traditional cream.

You might even use the oat flour enhanced mix to prepare the base for your crepes, cakes or plumcake, as they are amino enhanced and added with specific ingredients to have a raising effect.

Life is long. You can not replace completely traditional cooking, but you can significantly correct and integrate it for your specific purposes. When you are 20 to 50 your body is more important than ever, as many jobs are also based on your body performances, from sport, to fashion and business. Therefore keeping the traditional approach only for cultural reasons is simply not adequate, if it obliges you to psychological suffering: “I can not eat that. I can not eat more than this.” A world of “can’t” depotentiating your will.

Protein powders give you the possibility to say: “I want to go bad sweet and I can do it, without harm to my body shape”. “Bad sweet” is more than eating a good fruit, it is that kind of structured sweetness that makes you feel the joy of sitting at a table and staying with other people trying to understand taste nuances.

Without protein powders, your life is made of fasting periods, renouncing to sofisticated tastes.

I literally eat sweet almost every day and I eat sometimes sweets as main meals, keeping nutrients balance as I were eating traditionally.

Moreover, I dramatically reduced salt intake, which is at the base of many health problems, from blood pressure, to water retention.


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