Extract from my book

Whether you agree or not, here you will have a vivid extract of the contents of my book. Enjoy the reading and write me for any valuable reason at: BodySoulWays@gmail.com



About detoxing, fasting and spirits

Detoxing should have its time. Drenating should have its time and ways. This is primary an enhancing method, healing is not the primary purpose.

The first good reason to say “no” or “thank you, but I would rather have” is always your health or body performance, not religion, phylosophy or traditional and family believe, as believes makes you take positions that could not be what you practically need: your mind could be subject to wrong education and psycho-social lien and become harmful for you, your very first “enemy”. Listen to your body. That said, detoxing is the only way for fasting. Fasting should be wanted and done under your control. A trained body should never fast, as the first thing you will lose is not fat, but muscles. When recovery to take energy, proteins from muscles are the most wanted from methabolism, as fat is “junk” even for your body and the very last source of energy. The best way to lose fat is training and let muscles burn fat, while helping with a detoxing and low carb nutrition. Training is proportioned to the body you have, therefore very overweight people shall start walking and and doing acqua-gym, then, if followed by a trainer, some weight lifting only after a walk.
Nobody really needs too much fat in the body, even people from the north countries facing cold weather. Some overweight is fine, but the proportion should not be one size more than the right one, therefore, according to each body, from five to fifteen kg per person, not more, here comprising people of different heights.
When anybody overcomes two sizes from the ideal weight, all the body will change and all life will be affected accordingly. Fat is something you do not store as you wish, it is something very personal and it transforms even physiognomy: even face and bones are affected by fat and eyes will be the last evidence of your external identity.

Moreover, it is not true that fat is for body protection, fat is for psicology protection. The only people who need too much fat are the ones who can not face a smart life and a smart living, people whose subconscious needs to protect and isolate them from expectations of others, categorizing them “safely” in the “fat category”, or from expectations of themselves: being fat is always a good excuse not to do something smart, because of judgment.
Fat people must accept to be judged as any other person and face society. Many people have to face judgment for race, sexual behaviors, or even ideas.
If you get lost on a mountain, it is not true that a fat person will survive to a slim one because of fat storage: fat people have worst circulation and worst methabolism, therefore they will not have the time to transform fat into energy, as Everybody needs glucose and carbohydrates, which will be taken from muscles. Therefore, if lost on a mountain, the last person to dye will be, as it should be according to Darwin laws, the strongest one, not the fattest one.
For the above reasons certain alcoholics such as grappas are largely consumed in cold countries and on mountains as they give immediate glucose, while sedating senses and let tolerate the suffering from cold more easily.
For the same reason during wars alcoholic such as gin was precious on ships. What is misused is alcoholic in warm countries, who usually create fruity liqueurs pretending they help digestion at the end of a meal, which is not at all true.
Fruity Liqueurs, such as “limoncello”, “‘mirto”, “nocino”, “rosolio”, “amaro del capo”, “amaro averna”, are completely unuseful to the body for any reason: they do not sedate as whisky and vodka and gin, they do not refresh in any way, they do not help digestion as they should, they have lost any vitamin from fruit, they only bring sugar with alcohol, having an inefficient effect on brain and a bad effect on body. They should simply be considered as “liquid desserts with alcohol” and should be used for cocktails in place of sugar, not served improperly as digestive. As a matter of fact, if you check the production process, the sugar proportion is very similar of desserts, but you go liquid instead of “going solid”. While spirits lose yeast during sugar fermentation and distillation, fruity liqueurs stay heavy and at the end of a meal contribute to belly fermentation.

Nobody will reward your sacrifice as you may need, when dealing of body. You may receive congratulations, but you will keep the body you have. You first must be happy of your body, then the “right” people will congratulate.

Someone calls it “the happiness rule”, I call it “TheBodyWay” as it is very practical and at disposal of anybody wanting to engage with himself. If it enhances you, it is fine. Good things do not have downfall after enhancing effect: in the worst case, you go back to “normality”, but you never go backward. Good things foster your progress. This is how you can recognize them.



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