Tasty and healthy lunch

Having lunch with coffee, cocoa, honey, banana, nuts, protein powders at any season

If you do not suffer of hypertension, then coffee is great for your methabolism at any season and you can even have great lunch time on hot summer days. If you have a good coffee, well roasted, not acid, without acrylamide, such as Sicilian coffee, then you can get refreshed from a warm long one, enriched with creamy protein powders, honey and coconut. Ideal would be an organic criollo cocoa, a superfood.

Aside, you can eat, simply, a fresh banana rolled up in a chickpeas thin crepes and covered with a cocoa cream with honey and nuts.

Aside some row peanuts to clean the mouth. It is a perfect lunch, as you have all you need to face hot days: potassium, sugars, antioxidant, caffeine, digestive enzymes, proteins, some good fat.

I do not appreciate ice creams that much, because cold food desensibilize tongue and taste, increasing the sugar intake and without deep satisfaction for thirsty moments. However, on a very hot day, instead of eating the banana rolled up in a crepes, you can have it shaken with ice, almond or coconut, honey, grated lemon and some milk or potrein cream. On top of it you can garnish with some more grated coconut and peanuts with cocoa and honey cream.

If you do not feel like having cocoa, then you can mix the banana with pineapple and garnish with grated coconut, honey, grated lemon zest and mint. In this case a coffee with coconut and almond cream would be perfect.

On hot summer days, if you only prefer one shake, then simply mix: ice, almonds, coconut and honey, add some coconut water/almond milk/milk/protein cream/eggwhite (according to your health needs) and instantaneous oat powder or oat raw flakes, plus, finally, a banana.

The results will be a rich, highly hydrating, sweet and fulfilling shake well balanced with natural sugar and long release carbohydrates from oat for the day and still proteins from nuts, all at low glicemic impact and very digestive. If you are a lady low in iron, you can add one big spoon of baobab powder to the mix.

If you like cocoa, it is very simple to add two big spoons of dark cocoa on top of it and one more chestnut honey spoon. Do not add cocoa to the mix, as the great taste comes from keeping the tastes divided.

It is simply healthy and great for everybody. I you live in Canada, then honey may be replaced by Maple syrop, which has a stronger taste, therefore, as far as quantity is concerned, you should use less.

This banana-honey mix can be further enriched, in place of pineapple, with figues, walnuts, papaya and dates, all very hydrating and great for heart at any season, even of hot summer days. You do not need ice cream, some ice cubes can refresh the smoothies necessary. Keep it very creamy, or, if you are in the beach, increase ice to get a kind of fresh long drink.

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