Legs sculpting

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In women, legs are the most diplomatic part of the body and the most honest one.

You can show legs in many official circumstances without breaking social rules or hurting any sensibility and you can show legs since a child until you are aged. Unless you have vein problems to be healed, legs can be shown even under trousers in official meetings. Legs, ankles, knees.

Many stylists have based their success on the length of a skirt and female emancipation came through fashion, by showing more or less naked parts of the body and curves.

Even in Catholic Churches legs showing is admitted and is not as embarrassing as naked shoulders and décolleté.

Only in Muslim and very traditional countries legs are covered as other parts of the body, depending on the local culture. Playing with heels, shoes, skirt and trousers will allow to show more or less giving more information on your personality and life, but legs themselves are the one of the most important part of a female body after face. Not all the people can understand legs, but legs speak about your history and health. They can not be easily makeup as face nor surgically treated.

Anatomically, legs speak about the sport you practice, your genetics, your education, your nutrition. According to the way you move legs, cover or uncover, you communicate a lot of yourself.

Leg sculpting is very challenging. I was wrongly convinced I could not have fine legs for genetic reasons, until I challenged what I was told by “specialists” and started to work on them, more than on other parts of the body.

The result is to me very comfortable. I now wear shorts and always feel at ease. I do not have to choose between high or low raise, between high heels or low gym, i now wear what I need, feeling fine. For a woman, this is freedom.

About specific nutrition and exercises, I could say a lot, but I would rather suggest Antistax as the best product I ever tried for legs. No matter if you are sitted in office all the day or practice sport, I tried many blend, but Antistax is the one that could drenate my legs in an hour and with a long lasting effect during the day.

Then you have hands, hands and face. Face and hands are the last and first part of the body, the ones that even religious show, as hair are covered.


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