My Breakfast

My breakfasts are usually very rich. I have two kind of breakfast and alternate them: an energizing one, based in coffee, and a detoxing antioxidant one, based in ginger and lemon, depending on what I have to do during the day or on what I did the day before.

When I go coffee, I simply:
1. prepare a long coffee sweetened with Stevia hydration drink or made creamy with two spoons of vanilla protein, plus cocoa powder.
2. Peanuts or almonds with 2 spoons of honey
This breakfast is very energetic, no carb, it balances immediately the belly and makes you evacuated and lets you start the training or go out into the city. Honey helps digestion and energizes while nuts give you proteins and oils and coffee stimulates you to wake up with the right proteins. No lactose, no carb.

When I go ginger infusion or milky tea, I simply:
1. prepare a hot dark tea or infusion with five or six slices of fresh ginger, to which I add one spoon of honey and at least two slices of lemon or a milky protein cream in place of milk;
2. I eat a pudding of vanilla protein cream with fruits, lemon or pineapple, or a light crepes with chickpeas, vanilla protein cream, eggwhite, honey and nuts again.

My quantities are higher than usually suggested by nutrition specialists, but I am a 40 years lady, 163 cm tall for 50 kg and 6% of fat and 69% of water with 3%of bones, altogether a great proportion for a strong, slim and harmonized body with soft skin, beautiful hair and nails: I eat 40 – 50 gr protein cream in place of the suggested 30 gr per serving, then I eat a whole lemon divided between tea and pudding, a piece of ginger, a complete banana, at least 200 gr of other fruits, rarely less than 100 gr of nuts.

My quantities are higher than usually suggested, but I practice sport and do not eat other carbohydrates, salads, pasta or foods, therefore I simply get what I need for the day. In the evening, if I go fish or meat, I do not eat less than 300 gr meat, at medium cooking, therefore half well cooked and crispy and half raw. I sometimes have dinner with detox fruits and vegetables if I need for any reason to detox or hydrate, otherwise I usually have proteins even before sleep. I also integrate with specific food, according to specific needs, for instance to increase iron before and after female periods or to help legs circulation and drenation on hot days. Whenever I integrate, I have big quantities of the specific integrator. It may sound incredible or absurd or crazy, but I rarely respect suggested quantities, being too low and weak for my personal body response. For this reason, each body is different and should be analyzed specifically.

During summertime I increase frozen shakes, while during winter i simply increase crepes, pancake, cocoa and puddings, some fruits being stable, while other being variables according to the season.

I never have white sugar and marmelades, but mainly honey, maple syrop, then Stevia, sometimes raw cane and I still have to test malt sugar. I use fresh seasonal smashed fruits in place of marmelades.

At Half morning, after the training I simply prepare a protein shake enriched with banana and nuts. Coconut is great all the day at any hour, providing deep natural hydration, alone or used as garnish in any food. Fruits such as pomegranate, berries, kiwi and grapefruit are great all the day. Then sweet seasonal fruits are better in the late morning or early afternoon to keep the right glycemic level.

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