How fashion enhances your life immediately

With courtesy of @artbetweenthealps

Usually, fashion is the main mean of communication for women, while body and technology are the main communication tools for men. 

It often happens that very technological men feel attracted by very fashion ladies and very fashion ladies feel attracted by men surrounded by the last glamourous technology. In the middle you find people attracted by cultural affinity, such as food and wine or music, arts and entertainment. This second category of people usually meet in circles, by affinity, while the first category of people could meet anywhere.

In my approach “TheBodyWay”, I consider fashion very important as it is the first practical tool, that people have at disposal to take care of themselves and to take action while waiting for sport and nutrition results.

Yes, when you decide to significantly empower your image, you have to plan your strategy throughout time according to different timing and different aspects contemporary.

Certain aspects, such as deep hydration of skin and strong nails or muscles definition need months, others, such as weight loss, days of weeks, certain, such as a new hair cut and makeup, a few hours or minutes. Growing culturally and feeding the souls takes months and years.

In this framework, fashion can become leader as it appeals to inner needs and guarantees an immediate result, a certain feedback. If your shape is not as desired, yet, while waiting for sport and nutrition results, you can wear the right model of trousers, you can change your hair, you can make up differently and change perfume, you can buy a bracelet or a necklace, you can make a tattoo, you can make a special body and aesthetic treatment.

Moreover, fashion can make you meet interesting people while shopping and lead diplomatic conversations inspiring your next action or making you discern the audience in big cities, where people are mixed. Technology is a world apart. Technology is very specific and could even isolate people, as it offers means of connection and communication where accessories are limited to the ability of the person to be appreciated for the last trendy headphones rather than for eyes and smile. Technology itself does not guarantee to become part of a new network, while fashion, sport and nutrition aggregates more around physical senses. Technology is alienating, a world for mental people, who could even have communication difficulties, as it applies mainly to mind, needing intermediation: you speak in a chat with an avatar, not with someone you see, it is more on you than on the chat.

Back to fashion, then, it is obvious that fashion has a strong soothing effect on nerves, senses stimulation can really relax your mind and let it think laterally opening the perception of the self and leading to the right direction. When the sedating effect finishes, for example when everybody has seen your fresh haircut or new dress, then you go back to the body you have, to your daily meal and to your daily administration. For these reasons, fashion is a real leverage to be used with the right timing. Fashion is quick: a glance, a move can change your day.

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