Urban living: Break meal strategies

Even when travelling, some tips and tricks can help you to keep consistent with your diet and weight watching needs.

Sweet way

Just having in your bag some nuts and a fruit or a protein bar, you can save your meal, waiting to be back to your hotel. Today I had my great milkshake in McDonald’s. Both banana and coffee are very nice, hydrating, refreshing and nutrient. I added an espresso to have the real taste of coffee and some peanuts to have my minimal dose of proteins. A real smashed banana in the banana flavor one would have been perfect.

With the coffee one, the result is really nice: some fresh milky cream up and the coffee on the bottom. A nice pause, not compromising your balance and letting you arrive ready to dinner.

Salty way


Great solutions are always with sushi, too. Sushi can be found now in commercial centers such as Carrefour, ready to be eaten, with a great proportion of proteins and carbohydrates. Sushi is perfect when you need a light salty pause of some minutes.

Weight watching combined with taste is not that difficult in big cities where you find big dealers granting standard products, where you can always find your refreshing smoothies, your light proteins, your milkshake. No risk with local food manipulation, or street food, not offering Wi-Fi, toilets and additional services to get your break in the big city.



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