Dressing Muscles

Dressing a body with muscles is more challenging than dressing any slim body.

The way tissues fall on muscles lines is very important as the final result could be to seem bigger than you are or showing off more than you would not.

Details become more important. Tissues and sews will be fundamental. On a muscled body’s everything is amplified.

Morover, with classic and casual dresses muscles show better than with sport clothes. It is a wrong convinciment that you should wear gym clothes because you practice sport or because you better show your body. If you have muscles and are able to feel comfortable with classic and casual, then you won. You have thousand of chances to wear gym clothes, as they are designed for any body and to be out of rules or shape.

The issue is more important to men than to women as rarely women reach the muscles volume of men and body proportions are very different. Moreover, women have more chances to play from bottom up with dresses and skirts, while men have only three pieces: trousers, shirts, jackets and pulls and accessories.

For this reason I took some images on the web to show some alternatives.

As general rules:
1. do not wear skinny if the tissue is not stretch and designed to be skinny;
2. Look for balance in sleeves lengths and do not create asymmetries by error;
3. watch the tie and shirt collar, better not wear it if you wear it wrong,
4. Attention to shoes, they can change the all image.

According to my experience, the men’s fashion lacks a very important item, that is typical of women’s instead: the silk shirts. I think that silk is not used that much in men’s clothing and that is a missed chance. As a woman I love wearing silk shirts of any kind, with transparencies or simply caressing the body. A good silk shirt goes almost everywhere, as silk itself has various qualities. In particular for the  nightlife it could be the very smart alternative to skinny t-shirts and in the transparent way would make men look very intruiguing.

Attention men: a transparent silk shirt is a borderline item, between man and woman, that requires a well depilated and sculpted body. It is not for everyone.

Have a look hereunder of how a muscled body changes with two different outfit. I took this picture from a fashion profile on Instagram. You can find inspiration on the web or call someone like me to assist you in the shopping.

The questions to be answered are: you have a damn great sculpted body for which you have and you are working hard, so how do want to show it to the world and why? Which kind of women do you want to attract or what do want to communicate with your great body? As you can not walk among people naked and the world is not made only of gums and beaches, then you have to deal with fashion.



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