Eating and drinking on Hot summer days

Monster Rehab was a discovery.


Warm climate? No problem, you got energy drinks providing you the hydration, vitamins, aminoacids and sugars you need. If you mix them with fruit , then you really get hydrated.

Coca cola zero, too, can be considered an energy drink since when they add fenilanina to the formula.

About eating, on hot days, if you simply eat some eggwhite  with fish, a good milkshake, fresh fruits with  nuts and honey and energy drinks, you got everything you need to stay up and face the high temperature. Nuts are always fine with a spoon of honey, as despite being sweet, they can help you significantly to manage thirst, for they have the lipid your circulation needs and correctly feed the lipidic methabolism, while fruits feeds the glucidic one. Forget pasta and pizza. Do not waste time with vegetables, too, as they give you water absorption and less minerals.

In case you have nothing at all, milk is complete: a glass of cold or frozen  milk is what could solve your problem of thirst and hydration. Not water.

If you are in the city, a good smoothie or a milkshake from McDonald is much better than an ice cream. Less calories and more nutrition. Hydration granted.

Avoid water as much as possible, as it is too poor in minerals for your summer needs. Energy drinks are perfect. I am talking of RedBull, Monster, Psychic. If you drink water, add some minerals. The Monster rehab version with tea is simply perfect even at dinner. About other monsters, which are sparkling, I think they can be even better without gas. Therefore, if you leave the bubbles go away partially with some ice and adding some fruit smoothies, they become really a pleasure. Yes, fruit smoothies plus energy drink.

A long coffee with some milk or, better, almond milk is much better than water. Even the classic milk and pfeffermint if you replace the juice with fresh leaves and add pfeffer.

Do not drink simple water as you will not stop thirst in time. Water will pump your body.

Moreover, if you want to fast, you can use energy drinks. Stay one day eating fruits and drinking energy drink. You will be able to face your duties, while loosing weight.

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