Stress management and rules

Wellness deals necessary with stress management and stress management deals necessary with rules.

How much stress for which rules?

This morning in the metro I saw a girl wearing a t-shirt saying “break rules”. It is not the first time I saw it.

Well, during last week I asked myself what could it mean, today, in a big city and a worldwideweb society breaking rules and which are the benefits or side aspects.

The first thought I made is that this society is tricky. Head leaders have calculated some margins even for breaking rule. It happens in the most common places as supermarkets and in any other place where there is a structured organization.

Therefore, before giving a straight answer to this, I would rather position myself in the society and think about what it means, the breaking range I have been given and my personal goals despite any rule and range.

The point is the range. If you really want to break rules, then you should not break the first level, but the range you have been given. Anything you do between the official rule and the range limit is “scacchi” and statistical calculations, therefore the second point to ask yourself is what do you get from breaking any rules. After you have answered these two questions, then, do it, break the rules.

During these weeks I also broke certain rules. While braking them, I started to understand the range I was given. In this case, breaking has been functional to understanding, too. As I Am a methodical person, but not a ritualistic one, I could not repeat myself in the same breaking and had to diversify even the breaking, disappointing those people who calculated on my hypothetical and probable ritual. The point is that I only perceive I have been given a range, but I do not understand the goal, therefore I do not feel like playing a game of someone else. As simple as that. This is my life and I have the damned right to get the best out of it.

To make some very simple example: which is a valuable rule to be broken in a city? How do you rate estimate the value? In terms of social impacts or of personal benefits? For instance, not paying the ticket for the metro is that to be considered a “valuable rule breaking?”. Well, in terms of personal benefit, if you are out od money and need to get to a place for important reasons, then it is fine. In terms of social impact it is nothing. You are not a hero. You are not an example for anybody. It is socially irrilevant. Nobody would care about your ticket as nobody would pay to let you buy a ticket, therefore simply decide on the probability to get caught by security or not. Being caught by security is always annoying, Boring, a waste of precious time and energy even when you have no job. One the worst thing that could happen to your life is to have problems with security for stupid issues. Security is always bossy. Security is well paid, even if they complain they are not and for this reason they become bossy without reason. Each time you deal with security, they will make a report somehow and somewhere, even if it is a mistake. Therefore they will generate data related to you. A good reason to break or not to break is the probability you have to spend your time with them.

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