The right to elegant outfit and long lasting makeup


0EAFC010-4436-417D-B8B6-9CDBAA35A16EAthletes, too, have the right to a female outfit and a valuable make-up, lasting all the day or the time of the performance.

Why renouncing to fashion while sweating or because of sun or of muscles? New volumes can be managed and makeup is easier than you think. The secret is choosing the right tissues and cut for your body and the right products for your skintype and learn the main techniques.

Make-up essentials: the very short list

Main products for face are six:

1) anticernes or good foundation working as anticernes,2) blush, 3) mascara, 4) kajal, 5) one matte longlasting lipstick, 6) one hydrating gloss, plus 7) a good brush.
If you choose the right products, you can have always a great look, with a few actions.

Anticernes is good for men too. Why showing fatigue on the face? Men can also play with beard shadow, defining their face shape and expression. Eyebrows are very important to men.

One of the secrets is choosing those products which are water sensitive, in order to last during the day and interact with sweating. Powders usually works very well. Do not save money on essentials. Buy the best ones. One good piece of makeup can last months or even a couple of years. I tested many products personally.

Another secret is the mixing, mixing differently with a good brush, you can achieve the basic results.

Then, you can start playing with your face adding products and colours, but the very basic is: 1) creating the base for make up covering imperfections, 2) creating the main shadows, 3) creating volumes and light contrasts.

Of course, before and while thinking to makeup, you need to take care of your smile, skin, keeping it hydrated and cleaned, eyebrows shall be shaped and cleaned daily, hands and feet can never be disregarded and epilation is always a point of division and discussion.


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