Contemporary drinks

Contemporary drinks for fasting and energy 

  • Coca Cola Zero with fresh ginger 
  • Energy drinks with fresh ginger and fresh fruit juice
  • Milkshakes (with good protein milk)
  • Proteinshakes with no milk.
  • Smoothies with additional proteins or integrators upon the case.

When you fast and have a reduced calories intake, the few things you eat, shall be of good quality as your body will try to absorb them.

A great classic tested in these days is pure white grapes juice with fresh ginger. Really wonderful alone or with added energy drink or white rum. 


About fasting

Why are you fasting? The reason will change the fasting style. 

You should choose the fasting style in accordance with: 1) your body type, 2) your job, 3) the season of the year and where you live, 4) your goals (why are you fasting, exactly?).


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