Contemporary drinks

With the courtesy of Instagram artist @ellehell
With the courtesy of Instagram artist @ellehell

Contemporary drinks for fasting and energy 
People who can not drink alcohol, are not condemned to renounce to tasty soft drinks. You do not need to be a bartender or to go to a cocktail bar to have a good drink. Some combinations are magic and can be realized at home. Just try the following:

  • Coca Cola Zero with fresh grated ginger;
  • Energy drinks with fresh ginger slices and fresh fruit juice;
  • Milkshakes (with good rice and almond milk);
  • Proteinshakes with no milk;
  • Smoothies with additional vanilla proteins;
  • Pure white grapes juice with fresh grated ginger.

When you fast and have a reduced calories intake, the few things you eat shall be of good quality as your body will try to absorb them.

A great classic tested in these days is pure white grapes juice with fresh ginger. Really wonderful alone or with added energy drink or white rum. 

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