Nutrition strategies: the psychic side

The point with nutrition and healing effects is: eating to support your psych and body needs or eating to balance them? Both in different seasons of life?

If you have extreme feelings and emotions, should you need to feed them or to contrast them? 

That is all what healing nutrition is about. People eating each day the same food for years, probably, have depression issues and should need some stimulation. On the contrary, too many extremes lead to strong mood variations. 

The philosophical answer is yours, the technical is mine.

If you feel you need to support and enhance, then I can help you. If you feel you would better contrast your psych and emotions through nutrition, then I can help you. 

Back to you: what do you need?

I will talk shortly about me to help you figure out the best for yourself.

I came to awareness, as far as nutrition is concerned, after many life periods. I had extreme food experiences following my taste, which I learned later in life being also Psychological, not only physical. I learned that the mind speaks to your “deep you” through the body. As a child, a had such a deep need of sweetness to get an inflammation from overdose of chocolate, the famous Nutella one at that time. Yes. I was brought to hospital for chocolate overdose. I stayed there two days to recover from inflammation and in those two days I painted a hand with flowers.

Yes. Then, during years, I had a couple of overdose of alcohol, being brought to hospital. Yes. Then I had overdose of other foods, which did not brought me to hospital, however, but that caused me some general disorder. Luckily enough, I always kept a great body shape. I always practiced sport and always followed a kind of self-regulating trend, compensating each time. The worst period for my body shape has been the one related to years where I have been working in office, following mainly natural principles and looking for a career that was not for me. During those years I had no food overdose, no integrators, nothing special. I gained weight. I am not saying you should do as I did, I am simply explaining that nutrion is a complex matter connecting body and mind, therefore you should undertake your needs, to choose the right nutrion style for yourself.

What is important of food overdose, is that the days after you have to completely detox and change food habits. Yes. After alcohol disorder, for example, the two days after you are obliged to water, fruits and vegetables. Not to salad (too raw and poor of minerals),  not to potatoes (no carbohydrates needed), rather to fennel, celery, spinaches, cauliflower, grapefruit, strawberries or blackberries, coconut water, bananas, therefore to those hydrating food full of antioxidants and minerals such as potassium. Not even orange. Too sweet. Fat free meat would be fine, but too hard to be digested. Alcohol is transformed sugar, therefore you need everything but sugar. You also need integration of minerals for the deshidration connected to alcohol, as it first pump then deshidrates. With time, I came to understand I needed a change and balance, which I got through extremes. My psiche needed to be filled with something and then to restore. Usually, after extremes, a period of balanced habits will follows. 

I started to study nutrition and thanks to nutrition I could better understand myself and my family environment. In my family, people are highly educated and can speak of anything, from philosophy to politics,  but never discuss about their weight. Their weight problems are never issue of serious discussion, they get nervous and start almost screaming as kids or simply close the issue. 

So, what about you?

The strategy, when you have strong and irresistible needs, is fill yourself with something that will not impact on your body, significantly, for more than six hours. I learned what to fill my body, replacing traditional sweet and salty caloric food, with those ones which provide the same pleasure, without the same caloric impact. Fasting is a therapeutical practice, not a way to lose weight. 

I can say I am still an extreme person, I have an awful need of sweet and salty food depending on the day. I still need to feel myself full. I can not stand hunger too long. I go crazy. I also have to say I can not renounce to superfood, energy food and special proteins. Today, I could not renounce to my proteins, even under the form of pills, without taste, as I evolved. I am today free from the seduction of tradional recipes and can make the difference among the needs. I can choose nutrients for body and food for taste and psiche.

Should I choose one single nutrient, I would choose proteins.  

As I child I was very thin and I think I do not deserve any kind of hunger. Despite the “stay foolish, stay hungry” by Steve Jobs, that I understand, I’d better stay foolish, without staying hungry. Maybe Steve Jobs would have needed to eat less apples and more of other fruits? I guess he had a nutrition poor in taste, as you go foolish with taste, too, not only with hunger, you go foolish to search taste, to search emotions.

Food is directly connected to emotions: smell, colours, mouth, belly and brain.  That is the way.

Well, no matter. The strategy is to understand with which food you can fullfill, harmfully, your extreme needs. 

About the need for sweet or for salty taste, there are strategies.  Avoiding big mix is a rule. If you need overdose of anything, you’d better avoid dangerous caloric mix, find your satisfaction and stop searching that taste for some time. Overdose shall never lead to saturation and related intolerance.



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