About sweeteners

Researches on sweeteners are still on going.

The only sureness is that sweeteners impact on belly bioma and bacteria, therefore they can easily generate air. Bacteria impact on food absorption and energy creation.

I found my strategy through many tests. To avoid digestive problems and air in the belly. I have to take different behaviors.

First of all, to avoid fermentation I avoid white sugar and do not mix fruits with complex proteins. I usually have most of Sugar from fresh fruits, therefore mixed to natural fiber and water.

Then, I prefer honey to any other sweetener. Among technical products for sport, Bolero is nice for hydration and offers many tastes to solve cooking problems for people who are not experts at cooking.

Thirdly, I take syntetic sweetener only inside specific drinks and for specific purposes and performances. Sweeteners as sucrallose create air in the belly and Stevia generates water retention. For these reasons I take them inside specific products such as milkshakes, energy drinks and Coca Cola Zero, where they have been studied to be balanced with the recipe and minimize their side effects.



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