Nutrition needs also experience

Each meal is a chance of wellness


Learning products is challenging and even fresh Fruit is a very huge world that can be better exploited.

In the picture above I am showing the difference in nutritional properties between normal chickpeas and black chickpeas. It happens with many food. There are varieties inside the same family and in a nutrion plan for specific purposes variaties matter.

Being vegan or vegetarian means not that much of you do not know what kind of vegetables you are eating, how to combine them and when eating them. It goes on nuances and on performances. Eating the days before a competition is not like eating during holidays or festivity. Consistency needs motivation and goals.

That said, do you know how many varieties of corn, chickpeas, cocoa you have? People only think to coffee, and are acccostumed to some main products  but even cocoa, depending on the quality, can be an energizing superfood or not. If you use the criollo bitter variety, it works, while if you use the cooking one, it simply stimulates taste and mood, without specific energizing effect. Spices  are very sensitive to this. Inuseful eating bad peanuts, old ginger. Natural nutrition is very hard to be planned for specific purposes, for all these said reason and is anyway limited in results.

With meat and milk it is easier as the International commerce gives you more tools of understanding. With fruits and vegetables there’s a lot of superficiality. 

Nutrition is a serious issue. Whether you take it to become chef or nutritionist, you have to know single ingredients.

Studying is not enough. You have to experience the difference between milks if you want to prepare a good cappuccino. You have to experience the differences between even pomegranates. 

In these days I found two varieties of pomegranates. One is better for salads to be eaten with seeds, the other one is for the juice. You can not understand them easily in the supermarket. Externally, their look is similar. At least you have to learn to touch them to feel the seeds under the zest. The sweetest variety comes not from a tree, but from a bush and is full of seeds, not elastic. The acid one come from a tree and is not full of seeds, but of pulp. With the same exposure to sun and with the same external colour, the taste inside is very different. The color of the seeds is not a guarantee for uniform taste. Light rose seeds can be very sweet while red seeds can be acid. The acid ones are to be used for fasting days, as they are strongly antioxidant and satiating. They can be sweetened with other fruits, such as grapes and orange juice. The sweet ones are fine in salads. 

In these days I also experienced different peanuts varieties. Digestion and taste tell you which are good or not. The best ones are naturally sweet and tough. Supermarkets and restaurants do not give so many information on Vegetables. Very often it happens you feel fine only knowing the country of origin, but it is not enough. For example, I had pomegranates coming from the same local town and they were very different. I experienced bad coconut, bad nuts. International legislation is very hard on milk and meat, but not on vegetables and supermarkets do not go that deep: they limit to legislation and prefer to compete on price for clients acquisition. 

I learnt and I am still learning to understand food, eating any kind of food. Certified and aged food, eaten directly  from the tree, or food after expiration date. I tried even junk food and food for pets. I learnt to smell and touch food and to taste it before eating it. My first tasting have been with wine, cheese and meats, then I continued with oils, spirits, coffee, teas, honeys, protein powders and integrators. I also experienced different cooking techniques and food process such as fermentation. I created my personal vinegar, yoghurt and kefir, marmelades. I created recipes with many food. I did it for personal needs and passion, then started to collect experiences and study to better understand the effects of different foods and recipes. 

Why a recipe is good but does not have the expected positive effects? On the contrary, why certain tastes have immediately and visibile positive effects?

My conclusion is the same for all food: for a good nutrition, quality matters and certification helps but is not a guarantee itself. Either you find your own products or you follow advises from others. 

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