About Training for Fashion and for emotions

In This post I will publish some examples of sexy models. One of the main reason why you should train is to be and feel sexy. I understand there is a kind of privacy around physical aspects of seduction and people tend to extremes: either explicitness or complete covering, but it often happens that deep pleasure is a nuance in the middle.

Nutrition and training can become a ritual for a job, where body is the main asset, as it happens for lingerie models.

Models and advertisement are used even on National newspaper to help reading heavy news and keep attention high.

I do not know personally this model, but I think I can guess his nutrion and training.

Analysis: The body is completely developed, with good water/muscles percentage and a focus on AB, lateral and V line. He could practice an aerobic activity, such as running and swimming,  integrated with weight lifting and crossfit. About nutrition: a complete nutrition with focus on meat in the evening some protein powders before or after workout, depending on the day. He has an 80% natural nutrition and he prefers running and swimming to weight lifting. If he had been someone loving gym, he would have epilated his body. I wish I could ask him.

Technically speaking, a wonderful gigolo, apart for too many hair on legs and arms, but that is upon the woman preferences.

For the advertisement of lingerie I would have chosen a model with epilated legs, but I guess that D-Squared wanted to promote a traditional man for traditional time. I think the freshness of his face is not consistent with the wild legs.

Wellness deals with all these aspects and prepare the body to different activities promoting different values, stimulating different emotions, creating different experiences. Sex is among these experiences.




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