New trends: proteic pasta

Being on diet eating pasta without too many sufferings is today possible in all the world thanks to Eataly and to new kind of pasta from legumes, now sold in almost any supermarket.  It may be a solution to many people only needing to lose weight, eating low carb food.

They recently developed a complete pasta department with special kinds of pasta made not of the traditional barleys, but made of chickpeas, lentils, linen, corn, rice, buckwheat. 

They also have special flavours such as sage, lemon, fish. In addition to pasta, they created special packages of rice filled with powders of flavours, from mushroom and safran to shrimps. 

In addition to this, they developed the  powder department with many mixes ready to be easily worked out and put into oven adding only fresh eggs. 

Therefore, it is now possible to be in diet eating pasta everyday and it is possible also for athletes, choosing the so called “natural nutrition”. Eataly lacks superfood and enhanced products for performance, but for these products there are the sport nutrition stores. 

Summing up, being on diet eating pasta is very simple: 

  1. chose the best pasta, for example corn or chickpeas,  for your main meal, for example evening, 
  2. cook it simply with only one spoon of sesame or other selected oil, then simply
  3. add some steamed or roasted fish such as tuna, swordfish, shrimps , some grated nut/peanuts, or spices.

Your main meal is ready. You do not need vegetables. The problem with pasta is usually gluten, lack of protein, and garnish. 

Eataly also sells online, therefore many people can afford it. 

Then, rules are simple:

  1. choose the right breakfast for your day (salty with eggs  and juices or sweet with fruits, oat, nuts and coffe depending on your planning), and 
  2. during the day eat some protein bars/shakes or fruits with nuts. You can also bring in your bag some small honey container with nuts that you can have with a coffee anywhere in place of other foods. 

This is all that can be done to eat properly in current society, when you are healthy and simply need to lose some weight. Any additional difficulty attains to psycho or environment. 

If you do not have time for cooking, you can also alternate protein pasta with pizza, and sushi. The main problem with pizza is that often mozzarella is not fresh, the dough is heavy, it misses proteins and it is not satiating enough: people usually eat it with beer and other fried foods filling the belly with fats and carbohydrates. But if you manage to find a good one, well garnished with egg such as the “capricciosa” or with fish, such as salmon, why not?


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