Healing use of spices

A current theory, called Neutraceutic, aims to heal the body by eating the right food. This theory works. As people develop intolerances or allergies so that food can become an enemy, other diseases can be healed or prevented by inputting the right food in the right quantity. Hereafter a shortlist of some use of spices.

  • For skin: rosemary, curcum, cloves, peperoncino.
  • For liver: ginger, curcum, coriander, genever
  • For sight: fennel, berries, basil
  • For brain: Black pfeffer, ginseng, cocoa, safran, cashews, sage
  • For articulations: curcum, Black pfeffer
  • For circulation: Hot chili, ginseng, guarana, maca, mate, ginger, blackberries, grapes seeds, cocoa, dried tomatoes, sesame
  • For antioxidation and energy: pomegranate, ginger
  • For disinfection: ginger, garlic, laurus , red onion
  • For digestion: anise, mint, sage, coriander, basil, petersilie
  • For belly: linen seeds, coriander, almonds, petersilie, baobab and agar
  • For correct assimilation: cinnamon, coconut, vanilla
  • For heart protection: walnuts
  • For breathing and throat: cloves, black pfeffer, honey, ginger
  • For teeth: anise, cloves, garlic
    For sleeping regulation: nutmeg, safran, mint

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