Yoga with weights

I’ve been surfing the web in all directions to find a kind of training I’ve been practising for more than one year with incredible results, and the only similar reference I could find is on YogaDownload and it is called Yoga with Weights

Well, it is similar. I used to put weights to ankles and wrists before a yoga sessions to increase the strength and stretching effort. Results were incredible. On one side I really could sculpt and define my body, on the other side I gained 10 cm of stretching. I called this style “EnhancedYoga”.

It is to say that it is apt only to well trained bodies. Injuries may occur easily, if the body is not well trained. Therefore this style would be valid for athletes and bodybuilders, who are used to weight lifting.
Moreover, I used to perform some repetitions, typical of dynamic stretching and fitness, therefore this style could be really the solution to Body Sculpting: the benefits of yoga and of weight lifting together.

Please see the weights to ankles and wrists in the pictures.

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