Gentle fitness routine for recovery

Unfortunately I come from a long period of inactivity, so I am recovering in a gentle but effective way, with a 30 minutes fitness routine.  During the day I cut out the time to do a quick walk of three km and as soon as I wake up I do a circuit of about half an hour of exercises mixed with yoga positions:

  • 2 minutes on the ground relaxing back from child pose to cat-cow and sphinx with deep breathing;
  • 2 minutes sit moving neck and circling shoulders;
  • 20 push-ups on the knees;
  • 20 push-ups on the toes;
  • 1 minute planking on the elbows;
  • 1 minute stretching, twisting and back massage in lord of the fishes pose (see pose in the picture);
  • 100 abs between crunches, central and lateral, and sit-ups, central and Russian twists;
  • 60 seconds standing in warrior 1,2, 3 and revolved warrior;
  • 30 classic central squats;
  • 60 second chair position;
  • final breathing, circling arms and shoulders.

This type of training allows me to feel active from the morning and gradually resumes the shaping of a physique that became shapeless.  After the first month, results are visible in terms of tone in the arms, abdominals and legs.  Breathing and heart are enhanced. Neck and shoulders are more flexible.




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