Bread, without yeast and oven, and pancake

For long I have been undecided on the title to this writing, that describes what is to me a revolutionary recipe.  I will not respect the rules of copywriting and attention to SEO to ensure that this post conquers the largest possible number of readers, so I hope this recipe of mine will make its way, and that the post can conquer people solely with its own content.

Briefly, experimenting variations on the recipes of crêpes and pancakes, I came to a recipe that I believe can be called special. Maybe I should call it “panbread”. I have done researches on the web and on books to make sure that it did not already exist and, so far, I have not found it.

It is possible to cook in a few minutes a kind of pancake, a soft bread, without the need of yeast, without the need of wheat flour (therefore fine for celiacs), without the need of the oven.

What’s the secret?  Two ingredients: chickpea flour and bicarbonate.

How do you cook it?  In a pan with cover.

Incredible, but true.  Try it, because it takes a quarter of an hour in all, including preparation (writing this article is longer).

Procedure for one person: mix a dose (40 gr) of chickpea flour, a dose of buckwheat flour (40gr), two pinches of bicarbonate (a tip of a teaspoon), two pinches of salt with enough water (two  doses) to create a very fluid batter.  Mix well, to avoid lumps, stirring for a couple of minutes and leave to rest while putting a non-stick pan on the fire with a not of sunflower oil.  If you mixed well, you will get an almost frothy cream.  When the pan is hot, pour the chickpea cream, which will spread evenly and cover with the lid.  Leave two minutes for the cooking.  No more than two.  Lift the lid and flip the bread for thirty seconds.  To complete the cooking, additional 30-60 seconds are enough.

You will notice that the batter has risen around 1 cm in the pan and has become a kind of soft bread.  You can eat it hot or let it cool. In the mouth it will be soft and pleasant.

You can also make a sweet version of it, very similar to American pancake, by 1) replacing buckwheat flour with chestnut flour and 2) adding honey or brown cane sugar instead of salt, finally 3) rice milk in place of water.  In this case, too, the result will be amazing: a kind of plumcake without eggs, without baking powder, without oven, in a few minutes, in a pan.  A soft and sweet bread to be garnished  with dried fruit or cocoa in the batter, then covered with honey or maple syrop or eaten as is.

I made it taste to many of the people I know, conquering them. I was pushed by them to talk about it on the blog and to advertise the recipe.  To be honest, buckwheat flour would not be necessary, chickpea flour would be enough.  I use it because it gives a rough and rich taste.  Finally, chickpea flour mixed with water, salt and bicarbonate would be enough.  A perfect bread for vegetarians, celiacs, vegans, sporting people. No fats at all, no gluten, no yeast, but proteic and rich in fibers…easy and tasty! I will not spend words on how much health comes from chickpea, buckwheat and chestnut, as I am here focusing on simplicity and taste.

I am here asking you, reader, to give me feedback and tell me if you think it is a recipe, in its simplicity, revolutionary.

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