Chestnut pancakes without eggs

I already touched on this recipe in another post, but people around me convinced me to dedicate a legitimate full article. Try this tasty variant to traditional pancake, without eggs and oat flour, therefore good for celiac and vegan people too.

The secret is to use three ingredients: chestnut flour, chickpea flour and bicarbonate.   

The cooking technique is simple: a small non-struck pan (around 10 cm diameter) with a cover.

When talking about basic recipes, flours make the difference. Both chestnut and chickpea flour have no gluten, while being a good source of vitamins, slow release carbohydrates and fiber, with good effects on digestion processes and glycemic index. Chickpea flour is also very proteic. In particular, chickpea has a special consistency, cooking in a few minutes and giving a soft aggregated result, while chestnut is naturally sweet, matches very well with honey and maple syrop taste, cooks in a couple of minutes and is very soft, too. Combined together with bicarbonate, these two flours do not need eggs to pump up and have a nice consistency.

Directions for the recipe are very simple. For two people, mix together:

  • 40 gr of chickpea flour
  • 40 gr of chestnut flour
  • 80 gr (1 tea cup) of rice milk
  • 2 pinches of bicarbonate

At your choice to add one tablespoon of honey to have a sweeter result.

Mix with a fork for a couple of minutes in order to create a creamy batter, while putting on the fire the pan to warm up. You will see it becoming very creamy, thanks also to bicarbonate.

In the non-stick pan add one tea tablespoon of sunflower or coconut oil. When it is very warm, pour half of the creamy batter into the pan, letting it distribute evenly, and cover it for two minutes. After two minutes, lift the lid, you will see it has grown a bit, and flip it for 30 seconds on the other side.  This pancake is very tasty if eaten alone, or garnished with some maple syrop, chestnut honey and hazelnut, peanut butter and dates in pieces.

Calories intake
Chickpea: 157 (387×100 gr), Chestnut: 137 (343x100gr), Rice milk: 47, Honey tablespoon: 60 kcal

Two great variants of this recipe are possible, one with cocoa and the other one with protein powder.

If you like chocolate, just divide the quantity of chestnut into two and replace with cocoa. Therefore:

  • 20 gr cocoa powder
  • 20 gr chestnut flour
  • 40 gr chickpea flour

This variant is very tasty if garnished with a cocoa cream made of chestnut honey, cocoa and hazelnut.

If you practice fitness and bodybuilding and are used to protein powders, the slow release not isolated from whey one can replace chickpeas flour. Please note that the quality of protein is fundamental and the recipe can not be done with any trademark or kind of protein.


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