Wellness from art, women details

Enjoying beautiful artworks can make anybody feel well. Nurturing the soul is an essential way to wellness.

Last time I went to an exhibition it was in Rome to Fernando Botero’s and his women. Seeing his huge paintings all together was very interesting, as I could notice some details, that I would have not seen on books or on mobile. In particular I was hit by nails. He used to paint red nails to women having a leading role in society (see “The seamstresses” the difference between the nails of the chief lady in the centre and her employee around) and having a  sexually active role (see the difference between the young Fornarina and the nails of the ladies at the end of the bedroom party), while he left natural nails to other women. Botero seemed to be really concerned about social status of the women he represented,  wisely using stereotypes symbols such as red nails and pearl necklaces. Very interesting! Discovering something hidden or untold makes you feel alive and able to perceive life, without being fought by others. This is extremely energizing. 

Apart from exhibitions in museums, this direct contact with real emotional life every day can be found also on the web.

For example, surfing artists on Instagram I could find some very inspiring ones. All of them find inspiration in the feminine world and psychology, or in the relations between heart and brain, in the critics of stereotypes and clichés. Not all of them have a website where they explain their art, so the art watcher lets the work of art speak of themselves and of their creator. 

I found five great digital artists. Before reading my comment, you can click on their name to be directed to their portfolio and let their works hit your emotions. 

@ellehell illustrates mainly women weaknesses and strengths or their intimate side, going from the desire of living a pure life out of the comfort zone, taken off as a t-shirt, or falling asleep into an alcoholic drink. On her website, she says: “With my work I’m trying to reflect the complexity of the female mind and body in the most minimalist and simple way. My art is made for everyone to explore and enjoy the versatility of womanhood.” Seeing her drawings is stress relieving: the easy way she represents deep concepts has something healing on the soul, that struggle every day to find a way to express herself and be understood.

Thanks to Instagram artist @ellehell
Thanks to Instagram artist @ellehell
By courtesy of @ellehell
With courtesy of @ellehell

@roseenglandlondon mainly illustrates faces, smart and proud ladies showing the best side of their personality, fashion and sensuous romantic ladies. She declares on her website: “The females that I draw are of all different ethnicities, shapes and sizes; it is important to me for all women to feel empowered and represented by my work.


@moko.illustration investigates the relationship between body and mind, drawing delicate portraits of many daily life scenes and dilemmas. She also diplomatically shouts out on certain events happening in the society, such as sexual abuse, with her delicate, though explicit vignette, touching the issue for women empowerment. As Botero, she also paints red nails as symbol of femininity and emancipation. On her Instagram profile, she completes each image with a quotation and induces to deep thinking over feelings and relationships.

With courtesy of Instagram artist @moko.illustrations
With courtesy of @moko.illustrations

@artbtweenthealps illustrates beautiful, powerful and appealing women, focusing on the half-figure, often with naked shoulders, or dressed with earrings and fashionable dresses, representing women acting fiercely in the society.

With courtesy of @artbetweenthealps

@allegraphic, Allegra Parlavecchio, seems to portray the carefree and easygoing digital version of Botero’s women. In each of her colorful paintings, scenography, correspondences and forms narrate the female moods with oneiric and ironic detachment.

With courtesy of @allegraphic

@eves_art_project is a complete graphic project on the dialogue between heart and brain, stereotypes and clichés of the society. Very effective, very powerful irony, with a touch of spiritual lightness. Always actual.

Instagram artist @eves_art_project
Instagram artist @eves_art_project

Thank you, artists, to exist and produce works of art, that are able to make people abstract from daily life, gently stimulating soul and thought, diplomatically provocating emotional reactions to life events. 


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