In the gym for 1 hour

One of the great things about the gym is that everything around pushes you to do more.

You are sorrounded by words like “goal”, heartbeat, distance travelled, +, -, et cetera, all focused on you, reminding you who you are, where you are, what motivation you have, what you need to do to improve.
Hopefully, there is always fabulous lounge house background music, creating a timeless dimension where efforts are lighter, the light conversation of people who help each other in the effort, all together with different paths, but the same goal: to feel better.
In this context, even “doing repetitions” loses its boring aspect and becomes just a moment in life, the one that separates you from your goal, one step away from your goal.

Then, you can measure everything you do also with a smart watch, being aware of your way, with respect to yesterday and to tomorrow.
There are many things that are done for habit or for duty. Nothing is more useful than doing something beneficial for oneself.

In this period of my life I am integrating yoga with gym. I love alternating the positions job based on natural perceptions and balance, with the technicality of the machines, that make you feel you have done your job to yourself.

My training is very simple, but complete. It is feasible for many people coming out of an inactive period, adapting weights according to related body.

After cardio warming up, then 1 hour training circuit. One hour training has many advantages, as you can do it whenever you have two hours free, even at lunch time. Then, if you have more time at disposal, you can simply add some cardio training in the middle and at the end, to keep your pulses high and burn much more.
If you are an expert trainer and are reading this article, your comments are very welcome.

Leg Curl 2 x 12
Leg Press3 x 12
Squats with weights each arm3 x 12 alternated
Arms pull up with weights3 x 12 alternated
Pectoral Machine 1 x 15
Lat machine forward2 x 12
Pull down 3 x 12
Abductors 3 x 15
Adductors 3 x 15
AB crunches classic and oblique head to knee10, 10, 10
Lower AB with handle10, 10

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