The gym skyline

Many people publish great pictures of landscapes lost in the mountains or at the sea, or of cities as seen from skyscrapers. It is great, but there’s one more landscape made of heights and valleys and it is what you see when sitting on a gym machine.

You can see a different skyline, a different landscape, the one of your efforts, the one made for your travel into wellness. The gym is a very intimate place, with many views. If you take some seconds to recover, you can see all the details of this intimate landscape and you can feel it as being part of you.

In this period of my life I love spending time inside, in the gym, in the tidy jungle of machines, that stand up as trees of a modern city. My training circuit is very simple, but very effective. After some cardio warming up, I take care of every muscular region of the body, then I end with some stretching.

Leg Curl 2 x 12
Leg Press3 x 15
Squats with weights 3 x 12 alternated
Arms pull up3 x 12 alternated to squats 
Pectoral Machine 1 x 15
Lat machine for back and shoulders2 x 12
Pull down for arms and shoulders3 x 12
Abductors3 x 15
Adductors3 x 15
Abdominal classic and oblique crunches10, 10, 10
Low AB10, 10
Back pull up10

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