Interval training for recovery

These lockdown times are hard for both body and mind. Living under space restrictions is seriously depotianting. Restrictions have a depressive effect on the soul, that can not express freely, and on body, that can not move as usual. Performances simply go down quickly in all directions. 

If, for any reason, you stopped your activity for a really long time, for month, due to a surgical operation or other cause, then the best way to start back and quickly to recover the lost position is interval training.

Interval training allows your body to activate your main functions and metabolism, without hurting. Thanks to interval training, far goals can be reached, as the body as the time to recover and to push to next level gradually, but continuously. 

If you start with a too hard training you may incur on injuries. If you start with a too delicate training, you will not seriously have your body engaged. 

After two days of training I did alternating running and walking outdoor on hills for 7 km, I basically run 1 km in 8 min and then 1 in 9 min average pace.

Then, better running or walking? Without doubt walking is more affordable for everybody and less hard for junctions, but running o stimulates heart and overall body coordination.

As conclusion, if you can not run long distance, practice interval training, alternating 1 Km running and 1 km walking for at least 5 km.

Results on your body performances and weight loss is immediate. The whole body is waken up and gets toned. Calories are burned. Methabolism is activated.

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