How to lose 5 kg in 3 weeks

During Christmas period, I took some time to fix my goals for the new incoming year and focused on the first one of these: get is shape again, enhancing my metabolism, gaining strength, improving heart beat.

Therefore I made a 2 to 3 weeks plan and the results were great: I lost 5 kg, from 60 55 kg. The good news is that my energy levels increased, instead of making me feel weakened because of the diet.

I observed a couple of basic principles:

  • dramatically reducing the calories intake
  • training every day from 30 to 90 minutes

And applied specific strategies:

  • practicing intermittent fasting
  • practicing interval training 
  • Focusing on proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Completing interval training with High intense functional circuit

These principles can be applied by anybody, according to his specific body needs and lifestyle. As I love sports and live in Italy, I first made the shopping list and bought all the integrators I needed to boost methabolism and keep me protected during the weight loss. Then I completed with fresh fruits, vegetables and egg white.

My daily routine has been very simple:

Before breakfast:

Cleaning and activating the body with a big glass of water mixed with vitamins (in particular B, C and D) plus ginger and a specific thermogenic.


Either three corn slides with peanuts butter, 


Milkshake with protein powders (with vegetables milk from almond, rice, coconut)


Fruits (pineapple or bananas) or

Milkshake with protein powders


Selected veggies with proteins from eggs or fish

Integrators: omega3, ginger

Occasionally: coffee (without sugar) and teas.

After each training I integrated with vitamins and minerals.

Quantities for this plan are variable, according to each body structure, but it is surely advisable for people similar to me. I am female, 43 years old, 163 cm height.

About ideas for breakfast:

  • cappuccino with protein powders vanilla flavor

About ideas for the dinner dishes: 

  • Fennel with chia seeds and egg white (or sword fish steak)
  • Cauliflower with egg white, avocado oil and pfeffer
  • Red radicchio with egg white, linen oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Salmoned trout (or salmon), with egg white, Savoy cabbage, sesame oil
  • Tuna steak, with egg white, Savoy cabbage, sesame oil

The cooking is very simple:  5 minutes in the hot pan, then maximum time to cook egg white and toast fish.

Vegetarians and vegans could prepare a kind of bread with cheakpeas flour and another low gluten flour. They also could buy protein powders from veggies.

I do not have so much to add. It is all very simple as schema. The challenge is to adapt to the Daily training, when someone is not used to, and to adapt to fasting. 

Results will come without any doubt. I am happy to share this achievement, as it can represent a concrete fulfillment for any person.

Having the right shape and body can not be but a beautiful sensation for anybody

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